Publications – 1 to 10: For The Joy of Sharing

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#10. The Coronation of Napoleon


By Anusha Jaishankar
Semiconductor Engineer, Explorer
Bangalore, India


Foreword by Venkat
In this simple yet powerful piece of writing, Anusha brings attention to the various motives and expressions lying latent in a refined painting and the man of power – Napoleon Bonaparte. There is much more to be observed and woven before an understanding develops to align the real and unreal in their various nuances. So wonderful to read through this article!

Explore the art of fine observations on the landscape of power, intellect and fancies exposed in a beautiful painting!

#9. Tasmai Sri Gurave Namah!


By Usha Ramaswamy
Senior School Head
The Shri Ram Universal School
Hyderabad, India


Foreword by Venkat
In this beautiful recount of school days, Mrs. Usha Ramaswamy brings the effect, power and presence of teachers in our life experiences, well beyond the life as a student. Indeed without doubt, some incidents and words with our teachers can be so touching that they can be life transforming. Now, herself with long experience as a teacher, holding a senior position in a well known school, her presence will remain an inspiration to scores of students, as the baton changes hands year on year.

Enjoy and feel the touching moments as they evoke so brightly in this wonderful article.

#8. Modern Indian Inventions


By Aarti Panchal
A freelance researcher in Indology,
Associate at GHARS,
an NGO in Australia
Surat, India


Foreword by Venkat
In this article Aarti brings out five modern inventions / innovations by Indians. Four of these (USB, Fibre Optics, Email and Pentium chip) are so much a part of our everyday life that one must not forget the people who made it possible. This comes in aptly, right after the celebration of the National Science Day in India on 28th Feb.

Explore the modern Indian inventions for our inspiration to inculcate the spirit of creativity and innovation.

#7. Education, Skills, Success


By Khadija Darifi
2nd Year Undergraduate Student,
Geology, FSA Ibn Zoher, Agadir
Agadir, Morocco


Foreword by Venkat
In this article Khadija brings a global view on the trends in education and skills with regard to the measure of success. True to her perspective, the definition and outlook on success has evolved over the last few decades. Khadija is an amazing, dynamic and an ever-learning person. She has varied interests and very much into digital marketing, writing, and reading. She lives with her parents, two brothers and a sister in Morocco. It is wonderful to receive her contribution and succinct views in simple words.

Reflect on the evolving ideas on success, education and skills with this short yet sweet article.

#6. My School Days (1945 to 1957)


By J Vaidhinathan
Retired Deputy Secretary,
Ministry of Commerce and Industry,
Govt. of India
New Delhi, India


Foreword by Venkat
It is a blessing to be in the presence of Mr. Vaidhinathan (affectionately called JV mama) who is full of talents including gardening, writing, and a special signature one – the ability to electrify any social gathering and bring smiles around! ‘Energy’ as a word would shy away looking at the amazing bubbling cauldron of enthusiasm in him, which he continues to exude even today in his 80s. He mentions that he was ‘always playful during school days’ but this remains true even to this day!

Enjoy his amazing recount of his days as a school child and picturesque details of India in 40s and 50s.

#5. Seven Lessons to Accelerate Learning


By Divyaa Doraiswamy
Founder – GURUKULAM The Shloka Learning Centre (REGD)
Bangalore, India


Foreword by Venkat
When it comes to children and Shlokas there can be no one other than Divyaa. She has a powerful way of connecting with children and her life itself is an inspiration to align towards the power of shlokas and mantras. I had the fortune to experience this connect and her presence in a kids club session where she taught some shlokas and mythology to children. She has won innumerable awards and continues to win in several events. Truly a honor to receive her article having lessons to inspire, from her own experience. More on her profile is available below.
Absorb these inspiring lessons and make them a practice towards success and fulfillment.

#4. Faith, Trust, Belief


By Mekhala Chakravarty
Bangalore, India


Foreword by Venkat
The best way to understand a concept is through an example or analogy and when the same comes as part of a story it has a lasting impact. The following submission from Mekhala is one such amazing story making the distinction between meanings of faith, trust and belief so clear! She is a good friend and an avid learner of Vedic Astrology.

Enjoy this beautiful story of a rope walker and the abstract concepts of Faith, Trust and Belief.

#3. My Childhood Days At Coimbatore

By C I Sivasubramanian
Aged 95, Retired Director, Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India
New Delhi, India


Foreword by Venkat
It is a blessing indeed to publish the first article here, received from my maternal uncle as the first guest author. ‘Chinna Mama’ as we call him in family is an adorable, humble man and a role model in so many ways. Nothing could be a better inspiration to learning and upskilling than his enthusiasm to complete a graduate and post graduate degree at the age of 93! Sharing his story published in a newspaper.

Enjoy his beautiful recollection of his childhood and school days with various sweet, humorous, touching and curious incidents. His writing also gives a rich glimpse into the life in India in those times.