Publications – 11 to 20: For The Joy of Sharing

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#19. Important Lessons to Enhance Learning


By Malavika Hukeri
Tutor for Middle & Secondary School
Bangalore, India


Foreword by Venkat
In today’s world where people have less time for others and more things to do (be it productive or otherwise) for the self, aligning to some principle or process to manage oneself has great pay offs and benefits. In this easy-to-read article, Malavika puts forth the key ‘recipe’ to manage one’s learning effectively. Individually these lessons may appear obvious but as a plan, become the blueprint to meaningful attainment of goals and fulfillment. This is replete with the needed ingredients to fuel one’s learning process. Just as five fingers, when together give the power to punch, so may these five simple lessons together give power to your success.

Let these lessons inspire you with a better grip and control on your learning activities!

#18. Learning Through Stories: A Story of Learning


By Nitika Bose
Head of Internal Communications,
Global Infosys BPM
Bangalore, India


Foreword by Venkat
Can one ever forget one’s favorite friend, song or dessert? One could relish and reflect on the same feelings even when alone. Such is the power of association between intense feelings and human memory. The painting of a concept through various shades of characters having contrasting motives woven in threads of pain and fulfillment makes it an intense and engaging personal experience.

Nitika, with her meticulous touch dismantles the complex machinery surrounding the principles of storytelling in the context of learning. In an innovative way, she nails down the art of learning through the story of Ekalavya from the ancient epic Mahabharata. Every possible detail is covered right from the synthesis of memory structures to the power of inspiration built in the elements of a story. It is a pure joy to find this article make its way into the list of guest writings here. Undoubtedly among the “superhit” articles in the ‘INSPIRE’ theme.

Find inspiration seep into your purpose and actions in the journey to success through this amazing article!

#17. Forgiveness


By Aarti Hudiya
Positive Psychology Coach, Manager GlobalArt
Zumba Fitness Instructor
Bangalore, India


Foreword by Venkat
Values follow a logical sequence just as music does. Like music, they must be experienced (felt), lived (sung) and then understood (aligned to harmony). And then it only gets better and better in all the three aspects. Aarti, in her beautiful words, expresses her understanding of the deeper shades in the human value of forgiveness, coming from rich experience. The ‘never give up’ attitude must be complemented with the ‘letting it go’ attitude to find the right balance in life. It is so wonderful to explore the various benefits and the need to inculcate forgiveness in our lives, in this concise yet crisp article.

Feel the joy of forgiveness in its multiple flavors as the tonic for our soul in this wonderful article!

#16. Idiosyncrasies Of The English Language


By C.I. Sivasubramanian
Aged 95, Retd. Director, Ministry of Commerce
New Delhi, India


Foreword by Venkat
Some confusions bring pain (more often than not) but there are some which bring peals of humor (if not laughter)! While the previous guest article by Ms. Mekhala explored the confusions between the literal and the figurative, this one by Mr. C.I. Sivasubramanian explores how vernacular usage differences in the English language leads to funny interpretations.

Enjoy these idiosyncrasies in the typical style and sweet humor of Mr. C.I. Sivasubramanian!

#15. A Perspective


By Mekhala Chakravarty
Bangalore, India


Foreword by Venkat
We have often heard of the ‘Making a mountain of a molehill’ idiom. It is not so much due to the presence of an indisputable truth as the real presence of two truths in parallel. Taking example from the Mahabharata, Mekhala sweetly exposes the layers of abstraction behind the physical facts and appearances. This is an essential skill to learn – ability to look at the same thing from a different (person’s) perspective – to build the power of understanding and compassion. Mekhala has a wide range of interests across various subjects including Vedic Astrology.

A simple yet powerful message is conveyed in this article to inspire in children, a different way to absorb stories!

#14. If I Knew Then What I Know Now


By Vasundhara Srivatsava
English Teacher
New Jersey, USA


Foreword by Venkat
There are times when we unlearn to relearn what we learnt and there are times we experience what we missed to absorb in the past. Becoming a teacher gives a perfect way to enter this time machine and completely ‘re-experience’ ourselves in an older, wiser self on the same stage. Vasundhara brings this out so cogently, laced in subtle humor, fitting the unseen ‘jigsaw’ puzzle pieces of what appear like ‘unrelated’ subjects in school academics as school students.

Enjoy this wonderful perspective – an integrated outlook – and connectedness of language, science and art in one blended ‘alloy’ called learning experience!


#12. What a Women’s Day is NOT


By Meera Venkatesan
Learning Consultant, Performance Storyteller
Trainer, Creative writer,
Bangalore, India


Foreword by Venkat
In this wonderful article, Meera delves deeper into the core of what Women’s Day is truly about. Her writing poignantly peels down the layers under which the cause for rejoicing womanhood for itself, has been swathed in superficial paints of success and consumerism. Her message is brightly hemmed with apt questions to think about.

Let these beautifully strung thoughts bring the meaning of Women’s Day in our minds and hearts in the sense it must be taken and understood.

#11. School Education In Our Times


By Kajal Kataria
Home maker
Bangalore, India


Foreword by Venkat
The education system changes over decades and that includes methodologies, teaching medium and the learning environment. However, within this evolving paradigm of learning, certain instructions (reading habit, memory drills) have to remain the same for consistent and long term effect in language development and mathematical reasoning.

Explore the contrast in education methods in this warm and easy-to-read article bringing out subtly some important thoughts to ponder over.