Publications – 21 to 30: For The Joy of Sharing

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#30. Consumerism Vs. Conscious Consumerism


By Lakshmipraba U S
Founder & Director
Prithvimitra Innovations(OPC) Private Limited
Bangalore, India


Foreword by Venkat
The title of this article echoes the sentiment in Jyotsna’s article on ‘conscious information processing’. It is true that as consumers we need to be more conscious of what we consume. The inspiration however must come from understanding of our real needs. Like too much information, too much of product availability disconnects us from awareness of our real needs and the needs of the environment we live in. The earth has its own needs. All the biotic and abiotic elements of the eco-system have their own needs to be able to mutually function and sustain the natural cycles for living beings to enjoy the richness the earth offers. This lends so much value to the mythology we have on earth, nature and elements as part of Vedic heritage. Nothing could serve better than those mythological stories abound in abstractions and allegory to heighten our awareness of the needs of nature as well (worshipped as gods and goddesses).

In clear, direct and lucid style, Lakshmipraba underlines the importance of being conscious consumers and benefits of aligning our habits towards a universal harmony.

Read on for some thought provoking triggers towards better and healthier living!


#28. Fun With Physics


By Mekhala Chakravarty
Bangalore, India


Foreword by Venkat
The best way to engage and feel engaged with something new is in having the means to connect it with what we already know. And stories are a great means to achieve the same. How should these stories be? Does one need to be highly creative? Mekhala’s example brings a model answer with a story so simple and relatable for students that it makes the subject so much more fun! Only a person who is simple in thought and living can come up with such simple models for describing complex things. Mekhala has a wide range of interests across various subjects including Vedic Astrology.

Relish the rib-tickling story to remember Newton’s laws of motion and a method to make learning enjoyable!

#27. An Exciting Journey


By J Vaidhinathan
Retired Deputy Secretary,
Ministry of Commerce and Industry,
Govt. of India
New Delhi, India


Foreword by Venkat
A travelogue from an octogenarian of a travel as recent as 2019 itself sounds exciting and to read an account with such rich imagery and details is pure delight. Mr. Vaidhinathan and his group (The Travel Circle) inspire so much energy and zest for life in us, running an initiative since the 1960s with nearly one hundred travel trips! His description of the MV Nancowry ship covering in-depth on its topology, the people, activities, and interactions is gripping. The Andaman & Nicobar is certainly more inviting reading the captivating descriptions of beautiful sights the islands abound.

Immerse in the rich experience of this long and amazing travel account by Vaidhinathan uncle. The joy and verve in this writing rubs off on you indeed!

#26. Ignorance is Bliss


By Jyotsna Balasubramanian
Chartered Accountant
Bangalore, India


Foreword by Venkat
This is an incident narrated by Jyotsna from her personal experience and it brings out some amazing things to think about. These days, when information comes in so quick, our objective thought and composure are many times not ready to keep up to the pace. The mind is a great equipment to think but increasing the load of information may bring our emotions to unsettle our composure and the drive to action. Project managers are taught about the interplay and the needed ability to balance between Cost, Quality and Scope. If one of these goes beyond a limit, the other two are naturally impacted. On the same lines one can see the interplay between Wisdom, Knowledge and Will with each hinged on our plane of senses. Any of these when heavier than the other two, it can make us lose control, leading to bad and untimely decisions. A good balance among them, ensures things get the attention when needed and to the right amount.

Enjoy this recollection by Jyotsna written in lovely and thoughtful words to bring so many things to think, act and feel about!

#25. Perfect Mom


By Aarti Hudiya
Positive Psychology Coach, Manager GlobalArt
Zumba Fitness Instructor
Bangalore, India


Foreword by Venkat
Perfection. A word one can love and hate at the same time because we jump so easily to equating (im)perfection at a skill to (im)perfection as a human being. Aarti’s tip may seem directed to mothers but it brings good thought to reflect on for fathers or anyone who measures the difference between one’s value and worth. The world’s perfectly shaped samosa may be high in worth but is of no value if it does not taste good. Our value lies in how we make others feel and there is nothing imperfect in us as human beings. Nothing makes a child happier than a happy mother indeed. A point well driven in this wonderful writing – “Invest your energies wisely”

Find the inspiration in this advice as mothers and in the underlying thought as human beings!

#24. School Education In My Time


By Divyaa Doraiswamy
The Shloka Learning Centre (REGD)
Bangalore, India


Foreword by Venkat
Matter exists in various forms, and each form has a specific melting and boiling point. Whatever fuels one may use, one has to reach the needed temperature to create the fire. Divyaa’s wonderful recollection and contrast of the schooling in her days and now tells us just that. While methods, formats, activities and social interactions change over time (and place), the role of a school remains the same – to ensure the same are given to the extent needed to light up lives till the end.
Experience the wonderful contrast with our present day schooling and impact of education in our lives through this enjoyable narrative!

#23. My Journey In Samskṛtam Studies


By Marcelo de Aquino Vicente
Founder, Nāda Brahman International
Teacher of Nada Yoga
La Plata, Argentina


Foreword by Venkat
In this candid narration, Marcelo Ji shares his interesting story of the deep search in his yogic studies and the culmination towards learning Samskṛtam. His real life experience and discovery brings to light the deep connection of Samskrtam, sound and yoga. Truly amazing. He has worked for years with the yoga of sound and runs a yoga school, Nāda Brahman International in Argentina (his native country). He is a man of varied interests including Vedanta and plays the Rudra veena.

Enjoy this amazing recollection from Marcelo Ji of his journey in Samskṛtam!

#22. Inspire and Get Inspired


By Kajal Kataria
Bangalore, India


Foreword by Venkat
In several ways, looking at life from the lens of physical and natural laws aligns us towards the deeper meanings in life. It is no wonder that pure science and philosophy seem to unroll down to the same essence of nature. By conservation of energy, when potential energy reduces, the kinetic increases or by conservation of matter, we can neither destroy nor create matter. If one continues to look at reductions and losses as something bad or ill-fated, then one remains ignorant of the increases and gains lying elsewhere.

In a beautiful narration from her personal life, Kajal brings two important lessons here: 1. What we experience depends on what we give attention to 2. Inspiration can come from the very person we want to inspire.

Feel the evocative spirit of things between Kajal and her daughter while deep, soul stirring meanings transpire in her!

#21. An India Adventure


By Anusha Jaishankar
Semiconductor Engineer, Explorer
Bangalore, India


Foreword by Venkat
The dualities in life such as good & bad, narrow & broad, positive & negative etc. in general mean opposites with clear demarcation both in experience and interpretation. But there is one duality of the known vs. unknown which offers a range of experiences depending on one’s will to explore and the unexpected responses received. For those who love to explore or try new things, venturing into the unknown can be exhilarating and bring some amazing experiences. One such beautiful one is recounted in this story by Anusha in her simple and engaging style.

Enjoy the turn of events and the lovely family experience with Anusha as a US-returned Indian!