Publications – 51 to 60: For The Joy of Sharing

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#60. Maya and Meta


By Anusha Jaishankar
Semiconductor Engineer, Explorer
Bangalore, India



Foreword by Venkat
The title ‘Maya and Meta’ may conjure a picture of this being a story of two sisters bearing those names. Maya refers to the illusory sense perception of the world we consider as the reality and Meta is a short form for Metaverse – a framework to experience the virtual techno-based world through our senses as a reality. While this is not a story about two sisters, Maya and Meta seem to have a deeper blood relation as two grandiose veils pushing us away from the Vedantic absolute reality (the underlying substratum of the apparent reality called Mithya).

Anusha draws parallels between Maya and Meta with insightful explanation and examples. Illusions come from various seeds such as ignorance, opinion, attachments etc. and in various intensities from simple misconceptions to addictions. Indeed, it may be possible that reality has a relative scale like the pH value of acids and bases across various dimensions bound in the limits of our sensory perception. Anusha persuades well on the ‘dangerous curve’ the Metaverse might posit humanity into in the future.

Inspire yourself by the juxtaposition of the unreal reality of our perception and the unreal creation of reality by technology in relation to our mental well being expressed so poignantly by Anusha.

#59. My First Sea Voyage


By C.I. Sivasubramanian
Aged 95, Retd. Director, Ministry of Commerce
New Delhi, India


Foreword by Venkat
Any travel to a strange land is always fascinating and when it comes as surprise at a young age, it becomes an adventure. Mr. C. I. Sivasubramanian shares his beautiful memories of his first travel by a ship to Mombasa, Africa. He describes in his tender touch, the various feelings his mind sailed over while aboard the English ship, with his wife, a young child and a new chapter of his now illustrious career.

There must be something deep in this mode of travel that brings a connection to reminisce even after fifty years. Perhaps, where the waters run deep, we sense the depth of life. Personally I have never been on anything bigger than a small boat. Looking forward to one some day!

Some memories are forever to cherish and some experiences always inspire. Enjoy the sweet journey in this narrative spruced in uncle’s gentle humor!


#58 Brazilian Biomes


Aline dos Santos da Cruz
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

#57. Mythology and Evolution

By Mekhala Chakravarty
Bangalore, India



Foreword by Venkat
Nikola Tesla, the Serbian-American inventor is best known for his design of our modern-day alternating current system. He confirmed his inspiration to look at force and matter as energy came after his ‘chance’ meeting with Swami Vivekananda over discussions on the Vedic cosmology. While he could not prove it, the proof came ten years later by Albert Einstein. This serves as a good example to absorb the wonderful parallel drawn by Ms. Mekhala between modern science and the ancient Vedic texts. Mekhala has a wide range of interests across various subjects including Vedic Astrology.

Find your inspiration in the lovely mapping of the modern theory of evolution and the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu in Mekhala’s simple and easy-to-read style!


#56 Life, Death, Purpose


Abenathi Jama
Johannesburg, South Africa


#55 Easter in Brazil


Aline dos Santos da Cruz
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


#54 Italian Foods


Valentina Pontillo
Milan, Italy

#53. My School life


By Bindu K Varma
Reiki, Angelic Healer
Bangalore, India


Foreword by Venkat
While it is important to look forward to the future to make progress and be better, it would be an empty success without gratitude to parents, family members, friends, teachers and the schooling that made it possible. In the same spirit, Bindu Ji recalls the various wonderful things that made her schooling a complete experience not just in learning skills but in imbibing values and broadening the outlook to life. Being educated in a KV myself in two different cities, the experiences described are so relatable for me! Indeed, school days are full of opportunities to explore the world, find inspiration from others, develop self-expression, and the love for various subjects of interest.

Reflect on the beautiful experience of your own schooling through Ms. Bindu Varma’s pleasant expression of gratitude towards the same.


#52 Hyperloop – Travel in a Tube


Gurubaran Magesh
Grade 4

Foreword by Venkat
While there has been great advancement in technology and connectivity giving us better reasons to stay home, there is a new hope to make travel quicker (and easier) than ever imagined. The hyperloop – the upcoming travel wonder – works on the principle of levitation and reduced air resistance leading to very high speeds. Young Gurubaran shares this exciting discovery in his own lovely words. He is a curious boy with deep interests in studying geography, urban city planning, country flags and trains. His dream is certainly everyone’s dream as well – to travel to cities in India in minutes. May it come true soon!

Explore the exciting dream of a new paradigm in land travel through Gurubaran’s sweet writing which was inspired by a dream during his sleep!