Astrology Teaching

Astrology Teaching Work by Venkataraman

Teaching Basic Level Course in Vedic Astrology for three Adult Batches at present as Faculty of SIVA
(Sarvamangala Institute of Vedic Astrology) since August 2021.
Maintaining Class Recordings and Class Content for Batches 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Teaching Astrology

Venkat is faculty at SIVA (Sarvamangala Institute of Vedic Astrology) and at present teaching 3 adult batches on the basic course in Vedic Astrology. Teaching at SIVA is a free service in order to have a Global reach for this divine science. He is also the website admin of the institute website

In addition he maintains the class recordings and class content of 5 batches of SIVA classes – from batch 8 to batch 12.

SIVA Website:

Website Admin: L.N. Venkataraman

Articles by L.N. Venkataraman on Vedic Astrology

Articles by Dr. Bhalachandra Keni edited and published by L.N. Venkataraman


  1. Jataka: Horoscope Reading & Life Guidance Plan
  2. Jataka: Medical Astrology Reading from Horoscope

  1. Batch 9 Year 1 Class Recordings
  2. Batch 9 Year 2 Class Recordings
  3. Batch 10 Year 1 Class Recordings
  4. Batch 10 Year 2 Class Recordings
  5. Batch 12 Year 1 Class Recordings

Dr. Bhalachandra Keni Explains:
YouTube Playlist (Clips on Vedic Astrology)

Videos edited with design cover and package by L.N. Venkataraman

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Gratitude: This is in dedication to SIVA, Dr. Bhalachandra Keni, SIVA faculty, SIVA students and to all the avid learners and practitioners of astrology around the world. May this source of great knowledge continue to inspire all of us towards better living and responsibility.

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