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Vasudev Murthy is an IITian from Roorkee with an MS from Florida State University, USA. He has experience at NEC America, AT&T, Deloitte & Touche, and Wipro Consulting. At present he runs his own firm Focal Concepts since 2013 in Management Consulting and Leadership Training. He is author of 8 books (Classical Music, Proposal Writing, Crime, Short Stories, Humour, Organization Theory & Practice, Yoga) by Rupa, Bloomsbury, HarperCollins, Jaico, Poisoned Pen Press, and Sage respectively. He is an animal welfare activist, a violinist and a music teacher as well. He regularly conducts workshops as well.

Authors LIVE Sessions Hosted by Adaptive Instruction


Live Session with Vasudev Murthy
Bangalore, India

SESSION TIME: 12:00 pm TO 1:00 pm

Vasudev’s Published Books

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