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Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Anish Baheti is an award-winning author and a purpose coach to professionals of all walks of life. He’s often heard saying that God has been kind in showering him with two skills – Simplifying the Complex and Inspiring the Uninspired.

As the Founder and CEO of Train My Brain®️ (IND) & Concepts Coach®️ (AUS), Anish has delivered thousands of entertaining, energizing, and engaging sessions. Helping educational institutions, corporate offices, entrepreneurs, teachers, students, and athletes alike, Anish has formed a lasting presence in the world of life improvement.

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The Life Deck (52 cards from ‘needs’ to ‘purpose’) captures the journey from self-inquiry to self-realization beautifully and can be implemented by anyone in a self-paced way. A sufficient stand-alone roadmap for self-improvement, ‘The Life Deck’ works especially well when used as a guide for putting into practice the principles of self-awareness using a deck of 52-cards by the same name.

The Life Deck perplexes, and charms, revealing an easy-to-follow recipe for our complicated lives. I wish Anish Baheti all the very best for this endeavor. May students and citizens find support here to face the ups and downs of life!”
Actress, Amala Akkineni

Amazing, inspiring and encouraging! Feeling reignited to pursue my passion and live unfettered from a
place of joy!! Thank you, Anish, for this experience–I am excited to see what unfolds and how I soar!

– Annalisa, USA

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  1. Interview Article with Adaptive Instruction
  2. Article: Creating Fun and Playful Learning Experiences Using a Deck of 52-Cards

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What Do I do?

2x TEDx Speaker | Award-Winning Author | Ikigai Coach | Keynote Talks | Podcast Host | Educational Influencer | Awakener

My Career Journey

Anish Baheti is an accomplished speaker and purpose coach who has a talent for simplifying complex ideas and inspiring individuals from all walks of life. As a founder of Train My Brain® and Concepts Coach®, Anish has led thousands of engaging and energizing sessions, leaving a lasting impact on individuals in the fields of education, corporate, entrepreneurship, and sports. Anish’s experiential learning deck of 52 cards makes interactions with the audience meaningful, and he enjoys helping participants connect the dots with his practical strategies that can be applied both personally and professionally.

Anish’s signature program, The Life Deck®, utilizes 52 cards to guide participants on a journey of self-inquiry and self-realization, empowering them to lead a life by design rather than by default. Another exciting program he offers is The Numbers Deck®, which teaches Accounting to Non-Accountants in under 90 minutes, using a deck of 52 cards as a fun learning tool. Anish’s engaging style and passion for making complex concepts easy to understand make him a sought-after speaker and coach.

Key Achievements

Anish holds a Chartered Accountant degree from ICAI, an MBA from the University of Technology, Sydney, and a Certified Life Coach from Australia and a Certified Brain Mapping Practitioner from the UK. He has won numerous awards, including the Outstanding Leadership Award in Las Vegas, USA, the Education and Training Award in Australia, and a spot on the BW Education 40Under40 list in 2020. Train My Brain® was also awarded the Best Companies Award in Dubai UAE in 2022.

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