Be The Change #1: For the Joy of Sharing

Simple Steps to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

By Lakshmipraba U S
Founder & Director, Prithvimitra Innovations(OPC) Private Limited, Bangalore

Lakshmipraba U S, Founder & Director, Environment Sustainability Coach, Sustainability Advisor/Consultant, Prithvimitra Innovations (OPC) Private Limited, Bangalore

I love Travelling, Driving, Food, Nature, Birds, Butterflies, Dogs, Cats, Cows, Listening to melodious dance numbers and instrumentals.

Foreword by Venkat

Life becomes meaningful when our presence and time makes a difference to those we live or work with. Our life’s worth therefore is on what we leave behind for others and not on what we accumulate. Nature’s design includes the process of creation, maintenance as well as degeneration working in a framework which is in harmony with the habitat and ecosystem. So there are organisms to dispose the dead, there are adaptations to ensure maintenance, various energy levels, food webs etc. Nature certainly is a far more advanced system than what science and technology envisage in the larger scheme of things. We have multiplied the power to produce as well as to destroy with the means of technology but at the cost of breaking the harmony in the habitats and ecosystems. It is a relief to be aware of the risks we have threatened ourselves (and our future generations) with and that we still have the power to change this situation.

Lakshmipraba, a pioneer in bringing initiatives to minimize the ecosystem damage through practical ideas and innovation, presents below an ebook on the dangers we face along with some useful solutions. She explains the factors that lead to climate change, their impact and clear numbers on how as an individual, we can make a difference to restore the balance and leave a better world for the future generations.

As one of the slides in the ebook says, ‘Our house (earth) is on fire’ and we must act – right here, right now.
Please go through the insightful ebook and share to others as a personal contribution for a better life of future generations. Be the change, not for changing the world – but for ensuring life still exists on this earth.

Simple Steps to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


By Lakshmipraba U S
Founder & Director, Prithvimitra Innovations(OPC) Private Limited, Bangalore


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