Be The Change #2: For the Joy of Sharing

Re-imagining Education – A Case Study of Griha Shiksha Kendra

67 years old, Sunil is a mechanical engineering graduate from MACT Bhopal (1977 Batch). He has over 45 years of experience in HVAC, Air Pollution Control, Energy Conservation, Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development.

He worked with MECON Ltd. (a public sector enterprise) from 1978 to 1991 and then for 6 months with Blue Start Ltd. In November, 1991, he started his own consultancy firm in the name of “Enviro Consultants & Engineers” at Bhopal. He did more than 100 energy audit studies from 1991 to 2005 and was deeply involved with the activities related to energy conservation and efficiency. He won many prizes for his articles during 2004 to 2006 under Indo-German initiatives through GTZ.

In the year 2006, he got another chance to work with MECON Ltd at Bengaluru and retired from the services of MECON Ltd. in June, 2015. He has been promoting several ideas and innovative concepts designed to mainstream sustainability. He has pioneered a ground level initiative on “Home Energy & Resources Management for Sustainable Development”. He has published several articles, magazines (The Urja Watch, HEM News etc. for IAEMP) and conducted many workshops, training programmes, and awareness sessions. He is regularly invited by several organisations to speak on energy and sustainability. He is presently engaged in promoting the concept of Griha Shiksha Kendra which he has pioneered.

His contact details are: Mobile : 7739802112 Email:

Introduction by Venkat
It must be clear for most people, if not by learning then by hard experience at a job that knowledge is quite shallow and one dimensional in the books. The real knowledge is far beyond books and all the modern flavors to it, including the problem solving approach. Unless there is a connection to real life, natural phenomena, communities and eco-systems through application of mind and experiments in the real world, no knowledge is gained to be potent enough in value.

I have heard from various educators and leaders on ideas to make the education system more effective but I have never seen someone have a holistic framework seamlessly bound by key principles of sustainability with a working model in real life as Mr. Sunil Kumar Sood has developed. It is with great respect and pleasure I feature his Griha Shiksha Kendra Concept (GSK) which he setup as a pilot in Bhopal. His approach bridges the disconnects our education system has from nature, communities, duties etc. and lays a clear framework and model to meet the United Nations 2030 SD goals. Grateful to Mr. Sunil for sharing his pioneering work and I hope his work receives the support that it deserves for wider implementation across India and the world.

Re-imagining Education – A Case Study of Griha Shiksha Kendra



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