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Let’s Share Resources

By Alexis Zahner
Co-Director of Human Leaders, LinkedIn Top 20 Voices 2022, Thought(ful) Leader & Speaker
Lennox Head, NSW, Australia

Foreword by Venkat
Resilience is the single most fitting nominee to be the ‘word of our times’ considering the need for capability to handle new and unpredictable changes in our environment. One has to develop a toolset of skills to interact with the self as well as the outer world to prepare, understand, decide and act for effective outcomes. Nothing could be more rewarding than to receive guidance from a leader who has tried and tested this toolset of skills in personal experience. Alexis does just that, bringing her hard-learned experience and knowledge in this beautiful share of the collection of books that really matter to be resilient. The collection covers habits, change, thinking, courage, consciousness, self-awareness, judgement, fearlessness and mindful communication. These are key elements for not just effective leadership but for effective living as well. Truly grateful to Alexis for the kindness in putting this together for the benefit and inspiration of others.

For a jackpot of amazing learning, ideas and inspiration, please find the list of ‘must have’ books along with the lovely short review by Alexis.

It’s through experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly of Leadership, I found my purpose for being; to make business better for Human Beings.

It’s my core mission to empower Leaders to be capable of human-centric Leadership through cultivating their own self-Leadership, creating the capacity to be human-first and leader-second focused in the workplace.

I’m the Co-Director of Human Leaders, a peer to peer learning platform for Leadership at levels that creates a safe space for Leadership learning and evolution. Our platform has live and on-demand learning resources and places emphasis on human connection and support as a vehicle for driving Leadership expansion and flourishing. Our members are individual Leaders, Coaches, Consultants, and organizational teams who’re consciously driving human-centric change in their organizations.

As a Millennial Leader, my career spans corporate marketing to Local Government, to one of Australia’s Leading Media outlets, and a Leadership role at Global brand Patagonia. I understands through lived experience the complexity of Leading well and Leading authentically. I’ve learnt many Leadership lessons the hard way, which is the driving force in transforming my own Leadership style and helping others to do the same.

See what we do at Human Leaders at: or reach out at

Let’s Share Resources

A question I get asked fairly often in courses & workshops is where can I get more information and resources?

So, here are a few of my favorites! Share yours with me below, I am always on the hunt for new books, apps and other resources to learn from!

No.AuthorBook TitleMy Thoughts
1Deepak Chopra MDMetahuman“If you’re wanting a more spiritual deep dive into consciousness.”
2Brené BrownDaring Greatly“This speaks for itself, if you haven’t read it yet, you should!”
3Ichiro Kishimi & Fumitake KogaThe Courage to be Disliked“Profound lessons on self liberation, I adored this book!”
4Rick Hanson & Forrest HansonResilient“This was a fundamental starting point for me in building resilient habits like gratitude, if this space is new to you, I’d recommend starting here!”
5James ClearAtomic Habits“Recommended by Jeff McKeon – can’t believe I didn’t read this sooner, very practical and useful.”
6Amy EdmondsonThe Fearless Organization“A critical starting point for any Leader or organization taking #psychologicalsafety seriously!”
7Katy MilkmanHow to Change“Recommended by Kate Conley – another book I can’t believe I didn’t find sooner! Behavioral science in helping you actually make and sustain change.”
8Dr. Nicole LePeraHow to do The Work“For anyone serious about self healing and deepening their self awareness & overcoming past trauma and limits through holistic psychology.”
9Adam GrantThink Again“Critical read for any Leader serious about agile thinking, adaptably, flexibility and challenging their own preconceptions.”
10Daniel KahnemanNoise“A hugely, PROFOUNDLY insightful book into how and why we make errors in judgement.”
11Louise EvansTEDx Talk‘Own your behaviors, master your communication, determine your success’

“I found so much personal value in this TedTalk and recommend it to everyone who attends our Mindful Communication short-course as additional viewing:
12Anthony ReoBUNCH AI Leadership app“If you’re more into tech, I couldn’t recommend enough this. I’ve been using this app for a few weeks now. The app delivers very practical and strategic changes to up your Leadership game 1% daily – delivering straight to your mobile device and totally FREE, what’s not to gain?”

Let me know what resources impacted your life and leadership below!

By Alexis Zahner

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