Code of Conduct & Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Adaptive Instruction – Our Core Values
  • To provide the best possible outcome for each learner
  • To provide the best possible value for time, effort and money
  • To provide the best possible care and communication
Adaptive Instruction – Our Core Values(required)

  • Adaptive Instruction – Code of Conduct
  • Be Ethical in Behavior.
  • Submit / Provide Feedbacks on Time.
  • As an employee, sharing, reuse, distribution and commercial usage of education and non-education content (in any format) used by Adaptive Instruction Pvt. Ltd. to any 3rd party individual, group, entity, institute or corporate is not permitted under any circumstances.
  • Remain committed to agreed role in the engagement taken up for the entire duration of the course program(s) and/or agreed work.
  • The core professional values of trust, transparency and quality are the pillars on which the company as well as each employee grows.
  • Company’s growth brings employee growth.
Adaptive Instruction – Code of Conduct(required)

  • For generating interest in the course program(s) offered by the company, your profile picture, brief work experience and the company role may be published in the company website.
Adaptive Instruction Website – Publishing Profile Details(required)

  • There would be some meetings or calls on work status, employee connect, team social gathering or on adhoc basis based on need (for e.g. audit compliance etc.)
Presence in Meetings and Calls(required)

  • Commitment from Adaptive Instruction
  • The company shall disburse payments to employee as per agreement and commitment given to them.
  • The company shall ask for feedback/inputs/data entry in forms in verbal, manual or digital form periodically to track data such as hours worked, leaves taken, work status etc.
  • The company shall track quality of work and the output against the set expectations from time to time.
Commitment from Adaptive Instruction(required)

Self Declaration on personal details and experience details shared to Adaptive Instruction Pvt. Ltd.(required)