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Adaptive Instruction Team

Support to sustain and grow the ‘Joy of Sharing’ initiative. Details below.

2022 Reflections on ‘Joy of Sharing’

Open Services – For anyone
Voluntary, Pro-bono for the Joy of Sharing

Joy of Sharing


  1. Guest Articles
  2. Student Articles
  3. Education Articles
  4. Business Articles
  5. Wellness Articles
  6. Culture Articles
  7. Spiritual Articles
  8. Snippets
  9. Guest Poetry
  10. Book Reviews
  11. Visual Arts

Inspiring Interviews


  • A section to be inspired by the life story, experience, thoughts and wisdom of others
  • Interviewees are chosen and interview conducted by Adaptive Instruction
  • An interview article is published followed by video interview

Guest Channels


  • Adaptive Instruction provides a review and recommendation of tools, resources, products, launches and services which align to the company mission and service lines

CSR Donations


  1. Support for food drives to the poor
  2. Support for facilities in Old age homes
  3. Support for treatment of the sick from poor families

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