Adaptive Instruction CSR Chapter

Anamika Yadav
CSR Program Leader

Anamika has long experience engaging with several NGOs and organizations working for the needs of old age homes, orphanages, raising funds for medical emergencies of the poor etc.

CSR Work – Beneficiaries

List of Orphanages, Schools and Old Age Homes Benefited

  1. Dasharath Sevashram, Gold Coin Seva Trust (Old Age Home), Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
  2. Shri Amarjit Singh Soodan Sevashram (Old Age Home), Sanstha Namo Namah Jan Sewa Samiti, Rishi Nagar, Kushwah Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
  3. Vatsalyapuram Orphanage, Vijaya Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
  4. Govt. H S S School Bhicholi Mardana, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
  5. Aashraya Vidhyalaya, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

For donations write to

For interested donors:
Thank you for your interest and kindness to donate for the social work done by Adaptive Instruction. This is an ongoing work for social causes as part of the CSR program in Adaptive Instruction. At present this caters to specific needs for various orphanages/old age homes/specific drives by NGOs in and around the city of Indore.

Typically amounts will be in range of Rs.1000 to 2500 per individual requirement per donor. So donation by a donor usually is used for various specific requirements over some months. The details on the specific requirement for which your donation amount / portion of it is used, will be shared. A certificate of appreciation on your contribution for the specific cause will be shared to you when it happens through an NGO. Work done so far can be seen below.

List of donors so far:

  1. Mr. C. I. Sivasubramanian, Retired Director, Ministry of Commerce, New Delhi
  2. Mr. L.N. Ramaswamy, Director – Enterprise Architecture, PepsiCo, Hyderabad
  3. Mr. J. Vaidhinathan, Retired Deputy Secretary, Govt. of India, New Delhi
  4. Ms. Anamika Kumar, CSR Program Leader, Adaptive Instruction, Indore
  5. Mr. L.N. Venkataraman, Founder, Adaptive Instruction, Bangalore

Recent CSR Work

Month-wise Activity Done as Charity Work

November 2022
School bags for underprivileged children, Indore.

October 2022
Old Age Home Upkeep, Indore.

July 2022
Food distribution, Indore.

June 2022
Stationery Supplies for Govt School Children,
Govt. H S S Bhicholi Mardana, Indore.

May 2022
Donation of Color printer to Vatsalyapuram Orphanage, Vijaya Nagar, Indore.

April 2022
Donation of Oils for the ‘Mega Food Drive’ organized by the Meera Foundation and Team Aashraya for the downtrodden, Indore

March 2022
Donation of Cooler to Shri Amarjit Singh Soodan Sevashram (Old Age Home), Indore

Anamika’s Work

Some Pictures on Charity Work Done