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Power Talks – Professional Me

Episode 2: Design Your Life

A Talk by Dr. Kirti Sharma, Documented by Venkataraman L.N.

Text Summary of the Facebook Live Talk Show with Dr. Kirti Sharma on 18th Sep 2022 at 12pm IST. Documented by the show host Mr. Venkataraman L.N.

Jesus Sacred Heart School team has enabled the school to achieve the rank of ‘Second Best School‘ in Ludhiana according to the ranking of Times of India Survey, 2021. The School has been conferred the 7-Star Ranking, 2021 as per CED and was awarded in Delhi on 22nd Jan, 2022 by esteemed CBSE officials, Mr. R.P. Singh, Mr. Biswajit Sahu and many others.

I train teachers on various aspects of Education and NEP. I have also trained Sahodaya Teachers for ‘Effective Lesson Planning’, ‘Art integration’, ‘Error Free Environment’, and ’21st Centure Skills’. I am a panelist and speaker in many talk shows. A special mention for the Talk Show ‘On New Age Careers’ by Mr. Chetan Sharma, an internationally known anchor who interviewed Prime Minister Mr. Modi on Edumate T.V. I was a Speaker on ‘Nurturing 21st Century kids’ in MIDNA Global Group wherein directors, owners of the schools and principals were the guests.

Episode 2: Design Your Life

A Facebook Live Talk Series with Dr. Kirti Sharma on ‘Professional Me’


Power Talks titled as POWERFUL ME is an initiative by Dr. Kirti Sharma that is transforming the lives of hundreds of people. It is a weekly live show in Facebook. On Sep 11th, the Season 2 commenced on the theme ‘PROFESSIONAL ME’. This series with 15 episodes will cover various important aspects for a successful professional life. However, it can be applicable for anyone because it’s going to cover talks on how to improve yourself, how to be successful, how to manage your time etc. A series with practical insights for anyone to implement and reap the benefit in their life. Season 1 covered topics on self-development.

Can we really design our lives?

“We can definitely design our lives. Life is our biggest project and any project must have goals, targets, path to follow and processes in place. It depends upon you on what you want in your life. Your wants, expectations combined with your intentions and passion you will be able to design a beautiful life.”

“There are some fixed factors and there are variable factors. Fixed factors cannot be designed. We cannot choose our parents for example. Each of us also have a karmic account which cannot be changed. But how we respond to them can be designed. So, designing your life includes designing your thought process, designing your responses, designing what you want to achieve in your life and design how you want to achieve it in your life. This is what I mean by ‘designing your life’.”

How to have a design that works in practice when things are not entirely in our control?

“Many situations we may face in our life like uncordial relationships, not getting support, and sickness. Whatever suffering we go through are partly due to destiny. Certain things are destined to happen. Those are not under your control but how you respond to such situations and mold it for your own benefit, success and inner peace is in your own hands. Our responses are in our control. So one must design their responses.”

Isn’t everything already destined?

“I agree and as I said we can design our responses for the same.”

What can be done by those who live by others’ expectations?

“Some people take life as it comes. Life happens to them than they happening in life. So they need to change themselves a bit. There are many who have chosen their career or relationships because someone else has chosen them. Understand what you want in life? Wherever and whatever point in life you are in, you must define what exactly you want in life. Believe me, you can change at whatever point in life you are in. You may be a homemaker wanting to be a professional, you can do it. You may be a professional wanting to get into entrepreneurship, you can do it. You need to believe that you can do it.”

“You may be a student unsure of which career path to choose, then you must follow your dream. How to follow your dream? The thing that you think the most all the time for yourself is your dream. People call it day-dreaming. I encourage day-dreaming. Whatever you want to become, must be in your thoughts in the activities you engage in. And when those dreams come to you, they must be accompanied with a bigger picture. Map that bigger picture just architects do for the design of a house they want to construct, on a piece of paper. That bigger picture of your desires, of your passion has to be put on paper. And then followed by a small series of steps. Putting my thoughts on paper was my passion right from my childhood. Today, through these power talks I am making my dream fulfilled. Although I started late in my life I started realizing my passion. Some people have desires but do not move towards it everyday. Everyday there has to be some steps towards our dream. Also, daily affirmations are a must like ‘I am doing this…’ There are many YouTube videos on daily affirmations. Next is to be smart on where you are investing your time, thoughts and money. In summary, accompany your dreams with proper investment of daily affirmations, your time, energy and thoughts. With this you will be able to completely transform your life.”

How To Set our Goals?

“To be successful, one must create one’s goals. Whenever you set your goals, you must follow SMART goals. What are SMART goals? The goals must be Specific (I want to lose x kg in weight), Measurable (I achieved 20% of my target), Attainable (Do I have the skills, resources and the right people for it?), Relevant (aligned to your passion, capabilities and personality) and Time-bound (Set a target date). You may use the simple template as shown below. It captures the essence of SMART goals writing process. Write these six sentences on a piece of paper. Once you write these down and read them daily, there is no way you cannot achieve success. This will be of immense help to those are not sure how to write their goals or are confused on where to start.”

What has been your experience using this template?

“It keeps you on the track. I also add my commitment statement along with the goal. By keeping it on display in your study table or other rooms, day-dreaming is a lot more easier. It is not an exaggeration to say that the dreams you see, the kind of passion, vibrations and energy you exude out – the whole universe tries to bring that in your reality.”

Should we set single goal or multiple goals?

“This method of setting goals must be done for every goal you have. To start with have one goal till you are trained enough to set multiple goals.”

How Different is it from a Vision Board?

“The SMART goal setting is a kind of a mini-vision board. This works well for beginners who have a hard time to imagine enough for a standard vision board.”

Why Some are Able to Execute the Plan?

“Anywhere you go, there are two kinds of people in this planet. the first kind are those who are successful, fulfilled and enjoying their success. The second kind are those who are unfulfilled and living a pathetic life. The achievers want more and more in their life. Once they achieve something they look for the next one. It can be in either monetary or spiritual terms. Secondly they take more and more actions to get what they want. They keep on moving. They are hence the ones who are able to execute the plans made.”

“The major reason for failure of any plan, goal or target is partial commitment. One should be ready to put in any amount of effort. The second major reason for failure, I have seen in my experience is a person’s inner circle. Each person is an average of five different people in their inner circle. So one must be very wise in who you allow to enter into or leave from your life. Third reason for failure is having unrealistic goals. For example having a goal of losing 15kg in one month is certainly not going to happen. Lastly one has to move out of one’s comfort zone. Your will-power to change is a must for success to happen.”

How to Design Our Response?

“Yes there will be obstacles on the path to success. There will be people who discourage you and tell examples of the many people who failed in what you want to achieve. Believe me, this planet requires people from all kinds of professions – be it entrepreneurs, singers, dancers, doctors, artificial intelligence designers etc. So your passion matters the most – about what YOU want in life. ”

Spiritual Message of the Day

“Unique spiritual message for unique kind of souls. We all are souls either in the form of men or women born in various cultures, countries, races and religions. Yet everyone is same inside. Our souls are all alike. Each soul (atma) is an offspring of the same single supreme soul (paramatma). So we must try to help each other to mutually upgrade lives.”

“I have a unique message for the women because across the world women are suffering and not living a fulfilling life. First of all you must stop comparing yourself. These deplete your energies as they are reinforce negative/false stories of narration on your subconscious mind. Secondly, most of the women seek approval from others because they have been conditioned to do so. Just seek approval from your inner self. That is enough because first of all you need to give approval to yourself. The supreme soul of which your soul is the offspring is neglected if you do not connect to the inner self. Third thing women suffer from is perfectionism. They want to be perfect in everything. The truth is that it is not possible. No one is perfect in this world. In their attempt to be perfect, women start fearing failure and start fearing discouragement, rejections and start having self-doubt. Women need to come out of this.”

“And a separate message for men who are also a beautiful creation on this planet. You are here to support women – women of your homes, women in your lives. They are to be supported so that they realize their dreams and we all can live together in a beautiful world. That is the spiritual message for today.”

Key Messages from the Talk

  • Be clear with what you want in life.
  • Set goals using SMART process.
  • Stay committed, be wise in choosing people in your inner circle, have realistic goals
  • Special message for women – Do not compare yourself to others, seek approval from inner self – not from others, it is ok to be imperfect

A Talk by Dr. Kirti Sharma, Documented by Venkataraman L.N.

Text Summary of the Facebook Live Talk Show with Dr. Kirti Sharma on 18th Sep 2022 at 12pm IST. Documented by the show host Mr. Venkataraman L.N.

About Dr. Kirti Sharma

Dr. Kirti Sharma is a principal of Jesus Sacred Heart School, Ludhiana. And she’s a very successful leader, and a trainer of teachers. She’s a well-known educationalist and a spiritual leadership coach. She’s into Brahmakumaris and a lot of her philosophy, her practice in daily life and even in work is influenced by the spiritual learnings from the Brahmakumaris. Her school has won the seven-star rating last year, a very proud moment for her and the school.

Her educational qualifications include a master’s in economics. She’s been conferred with an honorary doctorate by IIU. She’s done a certificate course from Cornell University in Executive Leadership and Performance. A proud winner of several awards, she has been conferred with the ‘Most Innovative Principal’ award among many other awards. She’s also been awarded being among the ‘Top Hundred Principals’ of India. It is a great honor and pleasure to have Kirti Ma’am share her knowledge and wisdom in this series on ‘Professional Me’ topics.

About Venkataraman L.N. 

Venkat is the founder and CEO of Adaptive Instruction with corporate experience of more than 20 years. He recently setup his company which is mainly focused on school academic education at present, and he is also getting into training workshops and talks for professionals, young adults, and college students, He is a person with varied interests. He is a faculty in SIVA and teaches astrology to adults.

Professional Me – Article Series

01. Define Your Own Success
02. Design Your Life

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