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Power Talks – Professional Me

Episode 1: Define Your Own Success

A Talk by Dr. Kirti Sharma, Documented by Venkataraman L.N.

Text Summary of the Facebook Live Talk Show with Dr. Kirti Sharma on 11th Sep 2022 at 12pm IST. Documented by the show host Mr. Venkataraman L.N.

Jesus Sacred Heart School team has enabled the school to achieve the rank of ‘Second Best School‘ in Ludhiana according to the ranking of Times of India Survey, 2021. The School has been conferred the 7-Star Ranking, 2021 as per CED and was awarded in Delhi on 22nd Jan, 2022 by esteemed CBSE officials, Mr. R.P. Singh, Mr. Biswajit Sahu and many others.

I train teachers on various aspects of Education and NEP. I have also trained Sahodaya Teachers for ‘Effective Lesson Planning’, ‘Art integration’, ‘Error Free Environment’, and ’21st Centure Skills’. I am a panelist and speaker in many talk shows. A special mention for the Talk Show ‘On New Age Careers’ by Mr. Chetan Sharma, an internationally known anchor who interviewed Prime Minister Mr. Modi on Edumate T.V. I was a Speaker on ‘Nurturing 21st Century kids’ in MIDNA Global Group wherein directors, owners of the schools and principals were the guests.

Episode 1: Define Your Own Success

A Facebook Live Talk Series with Dr. Kirti Sharma on ‘Professional Me’


Power Talks titled as POWERFUL ME is an initiative by Dr. Kirti Sharma that is transforming the lives of hundreds of people. It is a weekly live show in Facebook. On Sep 11th, the Season 2 commenced on the theme ‘PROFESSIONAL ME’. This series with 15 episodes will cover various important aspects for a successful professional life. However, it can be applicable for anyone because it’s going to cover talks on how to improve yourself, how to be successful, how to manage your time etc. A series with practical insights for anyone to implement and reap the benefit in their life. Season 1 covered topics on self-development.

About Venkataraman L.N. 

Venkat is the founder and CEO of Adaptive Instruction with corporate experience of more than 20 years. He recently setup his company which is mainly focused on school academic education at present, and he is also getting into training workshops and talks for professionals, young adults, and college students, He is a person with varied interests. He is a faculty in SIVA and teaches astrology to adults.

About Dr. Kirti Sharma

Dr. Kirti Sharma is a principal of Jesus Sacred Heart School, Ludhiana. And she’s a very successful leader, and a trainer of teachers. She’s a well-known educationalist and a spiritual leadership coach. She’s into Brahmakumaris and a lot of her philosophy, her practice in daily life and even in work is influenced by the spiritual learnings from the Brahmakumaris. Her school has won the seven-star rating last year, a very proud moment for her and the school.

Her educational qualifications include a master’s in economics. She’s been conferred with an honorary doctorate by IIU. She’s done a certificate course from Cornell University in Executive Leadership and Performance. A proud winner of several awards, she has been conferred with the ‘Most Innovative Principal’ award among many other awards. She’s also been awarded being among the ‘Top Hundred Principals’ of India. It is a great honor and pleasure to have Kirti Ma’am share her knowledge and wisdom in this series on ‘Professional Me’ topics.

Why ‘Professional Me’ Talk Show?

“The last season of POWERFUL ME, mostly related to personal development and the self-help received a a lot of queries. Many of those questions made me to think that most of the stress of workplaces comes to the homes because most of the time we spend at our workplaces. The second major aspect was of working mothers who work from home. There are many women who are working housewives. Everyone has got the stress at their own levels because it becomes difficult to sustain themselves in society. In our society what we see is people are running, running and running. They are not settled down, they are not settled down in their minds, they are not settled down inside and therefore there are a lot of mental issues now cropping up and much of the cause for those mental issues is from professional workplaces as well.

This series on PROFESSIONAL ME will guide on how to stabilize yourself in your profession, what are the different aspects you need to think about your professional developments and your own development as well. This has been the thought process behind this series on PROFESSIONAL ME.”

What Indicates Success?

“Success is defined in different ways. But what I do believe is that success is a personal aspect rather than as a social aspect. Success is normally seen as a social aspect, right? We try to validate ourselves socially, we try to show ourselves socially that yes, we are doing something or yes, we have done something, right? But unless you pursue the things which brings you happiness inside, unless you pursue those things which is your inner call, you cannot be successful. I define success for myself as pursuits of those aspects which is come from my soul directly. And then when those pursuits give me happiness inside, I bring some changes to the society, and I leave some legacy for the people to follow on. I believe that that is the success. So, we need to come up with the concept of success based on our own inner validation rather than the social validation. Success is not something concrete. Success is an idea. Like for example, a mother at home may be having a different definition of success than a businessman who is here.”

“Success is not something concrete, it is not at all something related to money, it is not at all something related to wealth. It is not at all related to gaining fame. It is all related to what it gives you inside and whether are you acting as per your soul, as per your inner call and balancing that acting from your soul with the outside achievement. That is success according to me. So please have your own definitions of success rather than seeing somebody who is very rich and keep comparing yourself to them. One must build up one’s own empire of success rather than seeing the empires of others whom you think are successful. This is how we need to come up with the concept of success.

We need to write our own success definition for ourselves. We need to write it down. Then only we will be able to follow what is needed for being successful. We need to write down what do we really want from our life, what do we really want to become, and then creating and pursuing the goals.”

What Is Meant by Inner Calling?

“It is the connect to your inner being. Like for example, I am a person who is more spiritually inclined and therefore need to work according to my spiritual powers. Rather than depending on more of my administrative powers, I depend upon more of my spiritual powers to lead my life. Therefore, my inner call is that spiritually everything should be correct. It is not important to achieve any task. It is not only important to achieve something – the process of achieving is also important. That is my inner call – to be a healer and a spiritual leader. The inner call is to realize the purpose for which you have been created for and when you realize it, you will automatically become successful in your life. Other things like the roles you perform as a principal, a leader, a teacher etc. are byproducts of your inner call. Success relies on your basic inner call.”

How to Connect to the Inner Call in Real life?

“At job when a person’s manager is setting the target, which do become part of an employee’s success. Now there are creators and there are followers. If your inner call is to be a follower, then being so should be in your definition of success. If you are a creative person, the inner call would be to create something and being in the role of following instructions would not be the right choice. So, you need to be in a job where your creative skillsets are used. You must first identify yourself based on your inner call to discover your inner potential and balance that with the outward achievement. So, you should be in the right place for our job. Sadhguru ji in a recent talk said that ‘If you are working hard, you are not in the right place!”. You must in a place where you enjoy your work.”

“While the success factors must be according to those set by the organization and your boss, we must ensure to align our inner capabilities and skillset to the same to make it a successful experience. Hence there must be an alignment of one’s personal vision and definition of success to that of the organization one is employed in. You have the option to select that organization and boss whose vision matches to your success definition based on your inner call.”

How to Measure Success?

“I have my own way. Rate yourself on four parameters – happiness, effort/seriousness, right skill level and right mindset/focus. A separate episode will be dedicated on ‘Having the Right Mindset’. You may keep different parameters of your own if you wish. Average the scores be aware of where to change and how nearer you are to your goal. One must keep doing this self-assessment till the goal is achieved.”

Can We Rate Ourselves Well on the Mindset Parameter?

“Everyone has the understanding to give accurate rating for the ‘Right Mindset’ because each knows their conscience and can connect to their soul. Right mindset means, ‘How much focused you are’ or ‘How much you can propel yourself to come out of your comfort zone and achieve something’. We become unaware because we all seem to act and react as per the circumstances and the society and not as per our soul needs. Every one of us has the capability to connect to one’s soul and understand what the right mindset is about. We just do not listen to our soul.”

What To Do If Someone Has ‘Right Mindset’ rating of 2 or 3?

“One must be clear on what to stop doing and what to start doing. For example: Stop waiting for some silver bullets; stop waiting for golden opportunities; stop waiting for someone to come give you something; Start creating your own goals. Those who keep waiting will be waiting forever. Stop looking for validations. No one will tell you, “You are 100% correct. Please go ahead.”. Start living your dreams. Dream it. What you truly desire comes in your dreams. It comes when your mind is silent, but the truth is we do not silent our minds. So, we do not come to know of why we are on this earth – our inner calling.”

“In my belief, one must stop looking for a mentor as well. Become your own expert. No one will do it for you. In the entire country we do not have spiritual leadership coaches. In our tradition, earlier our gurus used to be first spiritual leaders and then a leader of something. My dream is to teach people on how to be a spiritual leader to bring ultimate success to your team. Most importantly, we must stop blocking ourselves. We block ourselves a lot because we do not believe in our potential.”

How Do We Block Ourselves From Success?

“Say if there is a person who is a good player in football but because say he feels that football does not have a good career in the country or that his parents / friends will not like it, he blocks himself. But when he watches anyone play football, those inner urges resurface. We block our energies in such ways inside us and negative energies spread in our body. Thus, we do not become successful in any area of life. Therefore, stop blocking yourself and start doing what you want to do. 90% of our population is at the wrong places doing the wrong things which are not meant for them. The stress comes back to their minds and homes. Our generations are fighting with mental issues. Our elders, and professionals are fighting with mental issues at home. Hence message here is for everyone to realize oneself.”

Is Too much of Success, Bad? Is Success Over-rated?

“Yes some of us over-rate success. That is why we should write our own success definition. Don’t measure your success in terms of others. Now, how do we come to know that success has reached a limit for us? Higher level of successes brings higher level of disappointments. For example, if Venkat, you had 100 jeans of every possible kind, the 101st jean although being a successful addition in terms of numbers, it does not bring you further happiness. That is the point when you must realize and move on to the next task for success.”

Secret behind Dr. Kirti’s Success

“Failure has been the secret of my success. I define failure in different shades or aspects. Even if the task is accomplished and target achieved, if in the process followed was not realistic or truthful or if it hurt someone, I still take it as a failure. The lessons learned from such failures become the secret of success next time. In general failures are blamed and not taken in the right spirit. Taking the responsibility of failures is the secret of my success.”

Spiritual Message of the Day

“If everyone acts spiritually, we cannot be wrong. We always get god’s help in achieving the task. The key message today is, “Believe in truth.”, “Act from your soul.” and “Believe in your strength.” Our actions must be done truthfully guided by the faith in our strength. You are far stronger than what you believe in. It is only that you do not realize that strength. Be resilient and come back strongly even when knocked down. If you will be strong enough inside, believe me, God’s all powers will be bestowed on you. If you have to be successful in your life, you cannot leave your focus. The belief, strength and focus come only when your soul is connected to the supreme soul. When you get all he energies and powers from that supreme soul, your soul becomes the driver of your life and there can be no excuse for not being successful. You will taste real happiness and real success if you depend on your soul power connecting to that supreme soul power.”

Key Messages from the Talk

  • Success is personal. Not social in its basis. It is best gained and experienced by connecting to our inner call and not to external validations.
  • A useful personal tool to measure success would be to rate oneself on a scale of 1 to 10 on 4 parameters – Happiness, Effort, Skill Level and Mindset. Average the score to come up with an action plan.
  • Pursue your dream, do not block yourself. Take responsibility for your failure.
  • Connect your soul to the supreme soul power.

A Talk by Dr. Kirti Sharma, Documented by Venkataraman L.N.

Text Summary of the Facebook Live Talk Show with Dr. Kirti Sharma on 11th Sep 2022 at 12pm IST. Documented by the show host Mr. Venkataraman L.N.

Professional Me – Article Series

01. Define Your Own Success
02. Design Your Life

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