Everyone’s Got Talent: For the Joy of Sharing

Themes in Talent Show


An open platform for children to showcase talent.

Kindly refer the pre-requisites, and submission guidelines to participate.


  1. This is open for children up to 16 yrs in age.
  2. The child’s work must be in their own Website or Blog account/YouTube channel/Social Media account.
  3. The form below must be completely filled and all the questions answered.
  4. The work must be original (by one’s own effort).


  1. The work may depict any form of talent/skill including visual arts, expressive arts, science projects, documentaries, music, dance, martial arts, inventions etc.
  2. The format to be as video or audio or images available in the child’s own Website or Blog account/YouTube channel/Social Media account.

Out Of Scope:

  1. Articles, stories, poetry or blogs. Adaptive Instruction has separate sections for those.
  2. Videos/content expressing personal opinions.
  3. Videos/content showing unrelated/irrelevant/objectionable material

Review Process:

  1. The work will be checked for the effort, skill, imagination and thought.
  2. The format of the presentation of the work will be reviewed to meet basic quality (e.g. resolution/legibility).
  3. Submitter will be informed if the work is approved or rejected along with the reason.

Publishing Process:

  1. The work is intended to publish in Adaptive Instruction’s ‘Everyone’s Got Talent’ page:
  2. After approval of the work, the link to the work, profile details and answers to the questions in the submission form will be published.
  3. The work will receive appreciation in words. No material reward/award.

Mobile users may view form here:
Submission Guideline and Form
Those with Laptop / Wider screen devices may view the form below

Submission Form