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Founder & CEO at Adaptive Instruction Private Ltd., 24 Yrs Work experience, Guest Speaker (Schools), Automation PM, Educator, Instructional Designer, Teacher, Poet, Writer, Artist, Faculty for Astrology at SIVA, Graphologist

Venkat comes with a long experience in project management and has engaged in automation projects in his previous company before founding Adaptive Instruction. A passionate coach and learner. An avid volunteer for social cause and empowerment. Education & Development are areas to bring creativity and innovation with technology to transform lives. Making creative content for instruction is his constant endeavor. He is actively engaged in several initiatives for child education and young professionals.

A total of 24 years of work experience with 3 years in automation engagements in IT domain. 7 years as tutor on various school subjects and experience as a corporate coach for English and Project Management. Apart from strong contributions to automation life cycle such as idea generation methods, optimizing tools for automation, he has enjoyed his time as a coach and being editor of a creative ‘Fun magazine’ newsletter for over 80 weeks while working for a German client.

He is also a faculty at SIVA (Sarva Mangala Institute of Vedic Astrology) and at present is teaching the thee year Vedic astrology to two batches of students. He is among the board of directors for the proposed Fellowship in Scientific Astrology in Rotary International. He also offers services in astrology consultation, graphology and face reading on need basis.

He has engaged in writing articles, published his poetry works, teaching astrology course, giving guest lectures at schools, organizing and conducting special courses, events and projects for children, Gold badge winner for volunteering in 2020 (500 hrs. of volunteering), Champion Learner in IBM (250+ hrs. of learning in 2020). Details on these can be viewed in the relevant sections here. He has experience teaching art and poetry to children with special needs.

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