German Culture and Tradition

Grateful to the amazing interactions and knowledge sharing on German traditions, language and culture by Ms. Isabel Mindner.



Ms. Isabel Mindner

I was born and grew up in the very south-east of Germany, in the Alps, right on the border with Austria. I love this landscape there: the mountains and valleys, the lakes and rivers and also the special houses and gardens there. When I was in my early twenties, I moved: 800 km diagonally… to the very west of Germany, to the border triangle of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. This landscape also has its beauty, especially the vast forests and hills of the Eifel region. I’m very lucky to find some mountains here too… albeit much smaller ones! Before I came back here, I lived in Hamburg for more than a year, in the very north of the country. Everything is completely different there – the people, the food, the surroundings, the weather and no mountains! But in return the sea is very close.

Germany was divided for 45 years after the Second World War, with a high wall and a ban on travel from east to west. It has only been a reunited country since 1990 – and I spent my vacation with my family in East Germany last summer. There are mountains there too – but they look very different from the Alps or the Eifel: it almost seems as if a giant had been playing with boulders there… there are beautiful river landscapes and old towns with magnificent buildings.

There are particularly beautiful places all over the world! The photos I have chosen from my home country show all the places I have been that touched, impressed and delighted me… and I am very happy to share this very subjective view with you here!