Grow Wiser For Better Living

Purpose: To share practices and information which lead to newer or better choices in foods, routine, lifestyle and living.

How to Read The Summary Card:

  1. The Summary card captures the key ideas only
  2. Those interested in details or recipe can post a question here on the same to get response from the contributor
  3. Some ideas may be left out if they are too common or duplicated with minor differences
  4. The items listed are a collation of inputs from contributors. It is not a recommendation as the top choices to go for. These offer the range one may look for and try for themselves.
  5. What works best differs from person to person based on health conditions, environment, physical activity, location, culture and body response to it.

Note: Only the key idea / concept / ingredient is mentioned. The details were already shared by the contributors in the WhatsApp group.

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Table of Contents – Grooming

1. Official Attire
2. Official Look – Hair
3. Official Look – Cosmetics
4. Official Look – Accessories
5. Official Etiquette
6. Job Interviews
7. Business Communication
8. Collaboration
9. Presentation Skills
10. Career Progression
11. Being Inclusive
12. Company Mission
13. The Art of Saying No
14. Networking
15. Being Politically Correct
16. Raising Issues
17. Innovation
18. Managing the Boss
19. Personal Finance
20. Appraisal Review
21. Public Speaking

For The Joy of Improvement

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