Guest Article #14: For the Joy of Sharing


By Aarti Hudiya
Positive Psychology Coach, Manager GlobalArt, Zumba Fitness Instructor, Bangalore

Foreword by Venkat
Values follow a logical sequence just as music does. Like music, they must be experienced (felt), lived (sung) and then understood (aligned to harmony). And then it only gets better and better in all the three aspects. Aarti, in her beautiful words, expresses her understanding of the deeper shades in the human value of forgiveness, coming from rich experience. The ‘never give up’ attitude must be complemented with the ‘letting it go’ attitude to find the right balance in life. It is so wonderful to explore the various benefits and the need to inculcate forgiveness in our lives, in this concise yet crisp article.

Hi, I am Aarti Hudiya, Positive Psychology Coach. I’m MCA by qualification and work as a Manager in an art based Education Company. Being Fitness savvy, I’m also a certified Zumba fitness instructor.
In life, each and every person that we come across is a source of inspiration. We can learn a lot from everyone by sharing each others’ experiences that are nothing but a great learning ladder for all of us.

Feel the joy of forgiveness in its multiple flavors as the tonic for our soul in this wonderful article!


Forgiveness helps us to accept others’ shortcomings, give them a second chance to think about their behavior towards us and introspect where they went wrong and thereby remove all the negativity in our relationship with the one who caused us harm in some way or the other.

This is a strength which instills temperance as a virtue in us. We become more resilient in the process. We also take criticism constructively. We just don’t end up forgiving others for their mistakes but we do end up analyzing our behavior too considering it to be a reason for others’ attitude towards us. After introspecting in this way, we get to be our self-coach and work on our imperfections!

Forgiveness is beautiful. It is the only strength that makes us accept others’ imperfections which automatically turns our imperfections towards perfection. We end up self-healing ourselves, instill positivity in our surrounding, become mentally stress-free and end up loving and respecting ourselves more. We think from others’ perspective. We have a broader way of thinking about a person who hurt us.

We just don’t think about the person’s act but we think why that person might have behaved in the way that caused us harm. Everyone thinks and behaves according to the conditions prevailing in his/her life. Every reaction is based on the person’s state of mind at that instance. So nobody is bad. The conditions that they are going through are challenging for them and that is the reason for their unpleasant behavior towards us. If we accept this fact, it will be easier for us to use this strength often in our lifestyle. We will understand its importance as it busts stress in us, improves our relationships and help us gain love and respect from others.

Life is too short to hold any grudges and life is too beautiful when we learn to forgive! To err is human and to forgive is divine!!

By Aarti Hudiya

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Vasu Srivathsava
Vasu Srivathsava
March 13, 2022 2:06 am

Very true, although easier said than done.

Reply to  Vasu Srivathsava
March 14, 2022 10:47 am

Thanks. If we try doing it, we will unleash a peaceful version of ourselves 🙂

March 14, 2022 10:18 am

Nice thought. It is not easy to forgive but once we learn the art it becomes our lifestyle. Thanks or awakening our conscience.

March 14, 2022 10:48 am

Thank you