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Joy of Learning | Important Lessons to Enhance Learning

By Malavika Hukeri
Tutor for Middle & Secondary School, Bangalore

Foreword by Venkat
In today’s world where people have less time for others and more things to do (be it productive or otherwise) for the self, aligning to some principle or process to manage oneself has great pay offs and benefits. In this easy-to-read article, Malavika puts forth the key ‘recipe’ to manage one’s learning effectively. Individually these lessons may appear obvious but as a plan, become the blueprint to meaningful attainment of goals and fulfillment. This is replete with the needed ingredients to fuel one’s learning process. Just as five fingers, when together give the power to punch, so may these five simple lessons together give power to your success.

Let these lessons inspire you with a better grip and control on your learning activities!

Hi, I am Malavika Hukeri, Online Tutor for Middle & Secondary School based at Bangalore. I am a PGT teacher and have been teaching Offline as well as Online for over 15 Years. Teaching is my passion. I teach for all the Central School Boards i.e. CBSE, ICSE and IGCSE. I love Gardening, meeting Friends, watching Movies, travelling and Cooking.

Joy of Learning | Important Lessons to Enhance Learning

1. Time Management

Timing is an important aspect for better Learning and achieving goal in a given time. Set your watch and timer for every topic and question you want to Learn and write. Practicing with a timer and solving the problems will tune your mind while writing in an Exam.

2. Time Table Helps Achieve Your Goals

To achieve your goals you need to avoid any kind of distractions like mobile phone or texting or Gaming App or youtube etc. during your study, and these should be avoided. Just setting up goals isn’t enough. You have to work towards reaching your goals. Best is to set up a time table for everything you want to do in a day or week and allocate time for the same. Allocating good time in the Time table for all the subjects or activities you have planned to do in the week is the first step towards achieving them. And of course follow the Time-table, over a period of time it becomes your best friend.

3. Extra-Curricular Activities

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Keep time for your extracurricular activities including outdoor physical games. Keep a special 2 hours time slot in your daily routine for any kind of Sports. Physical exercise is a must for Mental & Physical growth & overall development.

4. Reading for Fun and Learning

One must develop the habit of reading. I am sure reading is fun and stress relieving for every child. Reading for fun or extra knowledge helps. Do not shy away from questioning. Question as much as possible.
Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow – The most important thing is not to stop questioning
~ Albert Einstein.

5. Curiosity

Curiosity is the greatest secret of happiness. Always be inquisitive, it shows depth of interest in learning new things.

While the above five lessons provide a useful and integrated approach, let me end with an effective method to memorize, especially for school students.

Memorize with Drawing:

It is a well known fact that drawing not only helps one memorize but also helps children recall the topics much faster. Being a Science PGT I know the importance of drawing diagrams as it encodes our memory in a rich way as we store using our visual memory. Drawing diagrams is an art and also helps improve handwriting with practice. In summary, Drawing is an effective and reliable method for better learning.

By Malavika Hukeri

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