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Consumerism Vs. Conscious Consumerism

By Lakshmipraba U S
Founder & Director, Prithvimitra Innovations(OPC) Private Limited, Bangalore

Foreword by Venkat
The title of this article echoes the sentiment in Jyotsna’s article on ‘conscious information processing’. It is true that as consumers we need to be more conscious of what we consume. The inspiration however must come from understanding of our real needs. Like too much information, too much of product availability disconnects us from awareness of our real needs and the needs of the environment we live in. The earth has its own needs. All the biotic and abiotic elements of the eco-system have their own needs to be able to mutually function and sustain the natural cycles for living beings to enjoy the richness the earth offers. This lends so much value to the mythology we have on earth, nature and elements as part of Vedic heritage. Nothing could serve better than those mythological stories abound in abstractions and allegory to heighten our awareness of the needs of nature as well (worshipped as gods and goddesses).

In clear, direct and lucid style, Lakshmipraba underlines the importance of being conscious consumers and benefits of aligning our habits towards a universal harmony.

Read on for some thought provoking triggers towards better and healthier living!

Lakshmipraba U S, Founder & Director, Environment Sustainability Coach, Sustainability Advisor/Consultant, Prithvimitra Innovations (OPC) Private Limited, Bangalore

I love Travelling, Driving, Food, Nature, Birds, Butterflies, Dogs, Cats, Cows, Listening to melodious dance numbers and instrumentals.

Consumerism Vs. Conscious Consumerism

Issue: Consumerism

Audience: Every human being in this world

Problem: The wants in our daily lifestyle has taken an upper hand than the needs. The affordability, accessibility and Globalisation have opened the pandora box of amassing goods beyond our needs.

So What?

  • We are not aware of the end life of each and every product we buy whether we consume it or not.
  • Are we able to think what is the single use plastic/non recyclable waste we are creating when buying a product?
  • Are we able to connect the carbon footprint created in choosing a product/item we buy?
    Where is it sourced, made , packaged and distributed?
  • Are we able to connect what is the contribution towards Earth, water and air pollution we contribute by “consuming” or “demanding” a product or lifestyle?
  • Are we able to connect whether we are contributing to fair trade while creating livelihoods?
  • Are we able to connect that climate action is responsibility of each and everyone of us?


Change begins with self. Journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step said Lao Tzu. What is my first step? Every step counts.

  • I become aware of my consumption. I become a conscious consumer.
  • I am conscious of going local.
  • I am conscious of not generating single use nonrecyclables.
  • I adopt Reduce Reuse Recycle Repair Refurbish concepts consciously.
  • I am conscious of my choice of chemical free food, home use, personal use items and what I wear.
  • I am conscious of ethical products.
  • I am conscious in my choice of local small business or ethical business selection.
  • Awareness is the Key.


Conscious consumerism helps save natural resources. We have not inherited this Earth from our forefathers but borrowed from the future generation (Courtesy:, Statement by Mr Lester Brown). The ecosystem around us is conserved with our 1 act of becoming conscious. We coexist with millions of living beings. Big, small, micro and macro in harmony.

Complex problems have simple solutions. Each one of us have solution for every problem in hand. Climate change is real and everyone of us have a part in it. As simple as carrying our own bag for shopping avoiding single use plastic/new bags, Carrying our own water bottle avoiding single use disposable bottles, Carrying our own handkerchief avoiding tissues contributes back positively towards better health and environment. We reap what we sow.

By Lakshmipraba U S

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March 24, 2022 9:41 am

Sound advice
Everyone shoul try to follow. It requires conscious effort. If one begins others will follow like I saw in a beach one man trying to pick garbage and next week more did the job!

March 24, 2022 10:04 am

Thank you sir. As rightly observed change is for the better. Every step of change towards conscious living contributes to a better and clean world 🌎.

March 24, 2022 10:02 am

Brilliant – need of the hour. Simple steps for a better tomorrow.