Guest Article #28: For the Joy of Sharing

Love Yourself

By Aarti Hudiya
Positive Psychology Coach, Manager GlobalArt, Zumba Fitness Instructor, Bangalore

Foreword by Venkat
As we grow, we first read the lines, then learn to read between the lines, then read around the lines and finally sift through the pages of life that manifested those lines. This is in contrast to the paradigm of seeing a thing from different perspectives because there is as much meaning there in what is unsaid, unseen and the unfelt. The commonplace notions and stereotyped views on people and their physical characteristics are more for the comforting cushion of parochial bonhomie of some groups. It needs grit and a brave heart to stand one’s ground while being excluded by others outside the walls of such stereotypical labelling. One such brave heart is Aarti Hudiya and she shares her wisdom and rich experience in clear, practical tips for the new generation (Gen Z). Anyone born from 1997 onward is part of the new generation termed as Generation Z. Aarti’s success in the various roles she dons brings inspiration and courage to deal with similar labeling which every generation goes through in some form or the other.

A bouquet of inspiring, crisp and powerful thoughts in this simple yet beautiful article!

Hi, I am Aarti Hudiya, Positive Psychology Coach. I’m MCA by qualification and work as a Manager in an art based Education Company. Being Fitness savvy, I’m also a certified Zumba fitness instructor.
In life, each and every person that we come across is a source of inspiration. We can learn a lot from everyone by sharing each others’ experiences that are nothing but a great learning ladder for all of us.

Love Yourself

Dear Gen Z,
Are you too conscious of your physical traits? Do you waste your time thinking of your physical shortcomings thereby affecting your self confidence and self-worth? Well, in my case, people around me used to worry about my short height, and broad nose. I used to hear silly feedbacks such as, “Let her undergo nose job” or “Oh it will be difficult to find her a suitable groom as she is very short in height.”. (Sounds funny right? 🙂) But you know what society stereotypes are all about! I wasn’t selected for group dance in school competition as teachers found me too tiny!!! So how did I handle such a challenge in my childhood?

Make sure you are not affected by such judgements about you by following these tips:

1. Know Your Self-Worth

Know your self-worth. You are more than what others think about you. There’s something more to achieve than just being depressed about your physical traits that are going against the stereotypes set by the fake in society.

2. Upskill Yourself

The most valuable asset which you can ever give to yourself is upskilling yourself. Spend time in that.

3. Live Your Passion

Live your passion. Make sure you spend some part of your day in living your passion. This increases self-love, self-confidence and enthusiasm in you.

4. Don’t Be Complacent

It doesn’t mean your should be complacent on your shortcomings. Work towards solving your problem areas without being affected by them.

5. Stay Calm

Never get affected or distressed by people’s opinion on you. If they find you unworthy, it’s their problem, not yours.

6. Impressing Others?

You won’t be able to impress everyone. So, just be good and chill!

7. Mindfulness Matters

Make sure you work on your mental health by being mindful of your reactions. Practice five minutes meditation daily to explore your inner self.

8. Be Ethical

And lastly, as long as you are working ethically towards yourself and people around you, as long as you are incorporating life skills such as kindness, gratitude and compassion in your lifestyle, you need not worry about your physical shortcomings or what people think about you.

Just keep working on evolving yourself every day! This is what I followed in my childhood and made sure I am not negatively affecting my self-care, self-worth and self-confidence due to people’s opinion on me.

By Aarti Hudiya

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