Guest Article #3: For the Joy of Sharing

Seven Lessons to Accelerate Learning

By Divyaa Doraiswamy
Founder – GURUKULAM The Shloka Learning Centre (REGD), Bangalore

Foreword by Venkat
When it comes to children and Shlokas there can be no one other than Divyaa. She has a powerful way of connecting with children and her life itself is an inspiration to align towards the power of shlokas and mantras. I had the fortune to experience this connect and her presence in a kids club session where she taught some shlokas and mythology to children. She has won innumerable awards and continues to win in several events. Truly a honor to receive her article having lessons to inspire, from her own experience. More on her profile is available below.
Absorb these inspiring lessons and make them a practice towards success and fulfillment.

Call me an ECONOMIST / SHLOKAPRENEUR or a SOCHCASTER…firstly I am a theist in every right. An extremely confident young lady in her early 40’s living in one of the most beautiful cities of India – Bangalore. I love the Temples I visit and absolutely long for the Annadanams I partake in every Thursday. My frequent visits to an old age home helping elderly parents who have been left to the mercy of the Lord to get free medical treatment and medicines is the best thing I’ve ever been a part of. Most importantly, GURUKULAM – THE SHLOKA LEARNING CENTRE isn’t a dream any longer.

Divyaa Doraiswamy
FOUNDER – GURUKULAM The Shloka Learning Centre (REGD) Shlokapreneur, Economist, Sochcaster, and Writer

Seven Lessons to Accelerate Learning

1. Follow a Disciplined Approach

It helps bring organization and structure into your lives. It helps you stay motivated, and you are more likely to succeed. Pick a specific time and place to study, set aside time for hobbies and extra-curricular activities, and make time for family to interact. Prioritize your work based on what is most important. Decide which tasks are worth dedicating the most effort to. Make sure not to procrastinate.

2. Set Small Goals For Yourself

Goals give you the clarity in which direction to go. Start setting small goals for yourself and try achieving them before setting big goals. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and increase your confidence in yourself. It will motivate you to keep going. If you know the list of things to accomplish, you will never feel overwhelmed. Small incremental steps will help you achieve big results.

3. Focus On Your Task and Avoid Distractions

Focus helps increase efficiency. If you focus entirely on the task to be accomplished, there is a higher possibility of getting it done in a shorter amount of time and with higher quality. It helps you learn faster. Put away anything that distracts you during your learning time, for example, phones, electronic items, toys, anything that is not essential in the process. Commit your time to finish the task you are set out to accomplish.

4. Be Curious and Enthusiastic

Ask a lot of questions and develop a love for learning. Knowledge is Power, and we live in an age of abundant access to knowledge all around us. Being curious and enthusiastic helps you acquire new skills or knowledge and also helps build on existing skills or knowledge. Curiosity makes the brain more receptive to learning and makes learning more enjoyable. It helps you retain information and create a deeper understanding.

5. Engage the Family in the Learning Process

Families are an integral part of a child’s success. Families serve as a safety net for a child, giving them the warmth and comfort necessary for one to blossom. Spend time listening to parents/grandparents’ stories. The wisdom that parents and grandparents bring with years of experience helps teach children valuable lessons so that they don’t have to learn it the hard way. After all, it has been said time and time again that the best lessons learned are the ones learned from the mistakes of others.

6. Inculcate Excellent Reading Habits

Reading develops a child’s attention span and helps them focus for more extended periods. It helps them gain diverse knowledge and opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Develop a habit to read books of all genres, beyond academics. Set a daily reading time. Pick books that interest you. Join a reading club or borrow books from the abundant selection in your local libraries. Reading is a fundamental skill that paves a path for a successful future.

7. Develop a Growth Mindset

Developing a growth mindset will allow a child to thrive in any situation. A growth mindset helps them understand that it is not just talent or intelligence that makes them successful; it is hard work and perseverance. They become open to trying new things even if faced with challenges. It will help them learn that challenges and failure are opportunities to grow. Developing such a mindset creates a love for learning and resilience that is crucial for significant accomplishments.

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