Guest Article #5: For the Joy of Sharing

Education, Skills, Success

By Khadija Darifi
2nd Year Undergraduate Student, Geology, FSA Ibn Zoher, Agadir, Morocco

Foreword by Venkat
In this article Khadija brings a global view on the trends in education and skills with regard to the measure of success. True to her perspective, the definition and outlook on success has evolved over the last few decades. Khadija is an amazing, dynamic and an ever-learning person. She has varied interests and very much into digital marketing, writing, and reading. She lives with her parents, two brothers and a sister in Morocco. It is wonderful to receive her contribution and succinct views in simple words.
Reflect on the evolving ideas on success, education and skills with this short yet sweet article.

Education, Skills, Success

One of the greatest institutions humans created is the School. At one time it was a privilege to attend it, but nowadays it has become one of essential human rights, and anyone whatever his or her social place and gender or color, can attend it. Until recent times, the only way to success and to achieve your dreams was to follow an academic path, and get a degree. Other than that, society will label you as a failure but now everything has changed, and the definition of success has also changed.

We are living in a world that appreciates skills and talents more than degrees (this might vary according to the specialties, for a doctor for example the degree is important), and the traditional school is not satisfying the needs of a fast developing world, it’s overrated!! Most of our school systems are still stuck in the 90’s world. The Internet is giving you a chance to learn and practice and build your dream career, as you want whenever you want, wherever you want. Even if you decide to change your career path, you can do it so easily, you will find tons of resources that will make it easy for you, all you need is to invest your time.

Now we are in a time when we can’t rely on school to attend to our objectives, and by that I don’t mean that school is useless! NO! school still plays an important role and remains a factor to lead you to success,
What I mean is that we need to get rid of the traditional belief that attaches success with a degree, because not everyone with a degree is successful, as not everyone who doesn’t get one is a failure.

In the present society, success or failure is related to how strong and valuable your skills are, and your capacity to update your knowledge and skills continuously.

By Khadija Darifi

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