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My Astrological Journey

By Dr. Bhalachandra Keni
Physician, Hospital and Healthcare Management, Acupuncture Practitioner, Astrologer – Jyotishya Praveena

Introduction by Venkat
Dr. Bala is a close family friend and well-wisher since the late 1990s with his association with my sister and her in-laws family. SIVA formation was encouraged by my sister’s late father-in-law. Dr. Bala has documented his entire wonderful journey into astrology education and the group teaching in this article. His medical background brings a scientific perspective to the interpretation of the ancient texts on astrology and his teaching approach is simple with great focus on practice. Those who join his course reap the benefit of not only a shift in thinking towards astrology but towards life in general. The underlying intention in his astrology course is to use the astrology knowledge to generate better value in life for oneself and for others. Astrology provides a means to decipher our life but it is not life by itself. Thanks to his simple course structure and enlightening approach, it has given me great insights into human personality, connection of planetary movements to the mind and the need for us to realign our actions in life.

Dr. Bala is a simple person, down-to-earth and sweet to everyone. Born in the Cancer lagna, it makes him naturally friendly to all. He is amazingly talented in painting, rangoli-art and acting. To top this, he is a role model for everyone in maintaining health with his disciplined fitness regime at his age to this day.

Discover in this article, the beautiful journey of Dr. Bhalachandra Keni into astrology, who earlier did not believe in it!

My Astrological Journey

Historical Background on My Astrology Education

I began to learn astrology in 1972, under the guidance of my mother, who in turn learnt the science from her father. Interest turned into passion, and I went in search of a Guru, while I was studying in medical school in 1973. I found one and under his tutoring learnt the art of interpretation. Then, over a period of time, I coached myself through self-study with the aid of various books such as Brihat Jataka, Phala Jyotishya, Phala Deepika, Astro Sutras, Nakshtra, and many other vernacular books. Amidst my medical practice, I began to devote some time for the community for astrological reading.

After 20 years of research in Vedic Astrology, I got an opportunity to develop my knowledge further through formal training. It was a three year program at The Bangalore Astrological Association, Bangalore, India, during which I was awarded the “Jyotishya Praveena” degree on successful completion of the required examination.

Some key engagements:

  1. Lectures & Work shops Delivered several lectures and conducted workshops at Sydney in 1997 and 1998 (under the auspices of the Australian Council of Vedic Astrology) on the following topics:
    • Sade-Sathi
    • Effects of Gems
  2. Translation of one chapter of Brihat Jataka
  3. Delivered lectures on “Sade-Sathi” in Rotary and Lions club meetings in Bangalore, India in 1997
  4. Conducted a detailed workshop on “Sade-Sathi” at “Sahitya Parishad” (Arts & Cultural Association) Shimoga, India in 2000.
  5. Delivered a lecture in Bangalore Astrological Association, Bangalore, India December 2001.
  6. Teaching Home tutored Vedic Astrology to several Western Astrologers in Sydney on a periodical basis during 1996-1997.
  7. Tutored the basics of Vedic Astrology to a few Indians and Malaysians in Sydney during the same period.

Historical Back ground of the Astrology Teaching Sessions:

In 1992, Dr. P V Vijay Kumar a colleague of mine in Ramiah Hospital, a Urologist also a keen astrology enthusiast, saw my passion for Astrology (my self-learned knowledge of 20 years) suggested me to go and join the faculty of teaching at Bangalore Astrological Association (BAA) and to contribute my knowledge. Hence, I approached BAA to be part of their faculty, since I did not possess any paper qualification or certification from any Astrological Institution, I was asked to join their 3 year certification course. Thus, I obtained the “Jyotishya Praveena” certification title

In 1996, I went to Sydney to pursue my higher studies in Management program, I found my first student of Astrology Bobby Singh who took keen interest in the subject, and high regard for me. Through him several other students were introduced, amongst them Ms. Maggie Chia, a  Malaysian student in turn introduced me to Mr. Keven Berret, the President of the Australian Council of Vedic Astrology. The President Keven Berret requested me to throw some light on the “Effects of Saturn on Human Mind” what generally was referred to as “Sade Sathi” (means 7 ½ years of Saturn’s turbulent period), as they were curious to know more as this concept was non-existent in the Western Astrology.  Hence, I conducted one full day workshop on “Sade-Sathi” for the benefit of all the Australian Western Astrologers including Keven Berret . Mr. Berret also a keen researcher on Vedic Astrology has authored a few books on the subject including the effects of “Rahu”.

It was in Sydney itself, a veteran and a well-wisher Mr. T S Krishnamurthy who instilled in my mind the idea of starting an Astrological Institute in my mother’s name, since I had learnt the basics from her. Under the umbrella of “Om Shri Vanaprasthashram Trust” which we registered under the Government of Karnataka on September, 2, 2006 in Bangalore, “Sarvamangala Institute of Vedic Astrology” was officially born on papers, and my mother Late SmtSarvamangala H K was the Chairperson of the Board.

I had to take up an assignment in Port Moresby (PNG) and my tenure began from October 2006. A Pakistani Dentist showed interest in my astrological knowledge and wished to learn Indian Astrology from me. Thus began the first official classes on Nov 6, 2006. From there it caught a great interest in the community resulting in several more students as follows:

  • Dr. Faisal Quereshi (Pakistan)
  • Srinivasan
  • Ajay Jain
  • Ravichandran Krishnan
  • Mukesh Ghiya
  • Kannan Sankaran
  • Rajesh Samnani
  • Muhajeer Abbas (S African Bahai)
  • Rajeev Sharma
  • Jaya Prasad
  • Bijay Aggrwal
  • Mrs. Kiran Dave

These students encouraged me to start regular weekly class every Wednesday at my residence. These classes were my first experience in formal training in Astrology. Mr. Srinivasan, a charted accountant by profession and the senior most in the class was instrumental in motivating everyone to join and to attend regularly. After about 6-8 months few more people showed interest and wished to join the class. Since the course had already started, in order to assist the new sets of students to fill the basic lessons, Sujata Keni came forward to utilize her knowledge to tutor them. Subsequently then all of them joined – about 12 participants as listed above. I must thank Mr. Krishnan Ravichandran who legitimately took the notes of each class regularly and documented on excel sheet. Even to this day we use those notes. I must thank Mr. Ajay Jain and Mrs. Lalita Jain for hosting few astrology classes on several occasions at their residence.

After one year an open book Test/Quiz was administered to evaluate their level of knowledge, and Mr. Mukesh Ghiya and Mr. Muhajer Abbas were the only two who did not use books or notes and performed very well. Papua New Guinea episode ended in 2008, when I left the country.

On returning to India flashed a news on the web inviting students of Astrology. This resulted in a new student by the name of Asha Sridhar who was very keen to learn the subject. Thus began another episode of teaching session in Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore along with her my sister-in-law Mayura Gnaneshwar joined. There were also some intermittent students like Mrs. Jyoti and SN Shashikant. One session my son Praneet Keni delivered the class about the characteristics of each Zodiac signs, what we referred as “One Liner”. (Praneet Keni when he showed interest during Solomon Islands tenure in 2001 and was tutored the basics – he used his computer skills those days and designed in word doc depicting the characteristics of “Kala Purusha Chart” in colour. Subsequently the same drawing was used by K Ravichandran for his first page in Excel sheet notes. These classes were for short duration of 8 months only, as I had to leave the country again. However, the classes still continued online on Skype.

On January 15, 2012, “Sarvamangala Institute of Vedic Astrology” was officially inaugurated with the blessings from Sri Swamy Vishwananda. The “Parilok” Montessory school premises generously offered by Mrs. Asha Shridar & Mr. Sridhar to conduct the astrology classes on weekly basis. The classes ran in this premises continuous for 2 years. Thus “Bangalore Group” was formed. During one of the sessions Dr. Ashok Vaswani, endocrinologist from New York who was also an ardent Astrology fan with in-depth knowledge of Western Astrology visited the teaching session and shared his views. The participants from inauguration to this day are as follows:  

  • Asha Shridhar
  • Shridhar
  • Dr. G L N Maiya
  • Mehul Shah
  • Sumukha TV
  • Dr.Spandana Pardikar
  • Sony Rumale
  • Hamsa Nandini
  • Bharat Tejaswi
  • Sujata Nagendra
  • Bhuvaneshwari
  • Venkatesh Kundapti
  • Prashant
  • Samarth TV
  • Dr. Anuradha Sadashivmurthy
  • Pavan Kumar Pyree
  • Aparna Chethan
  • Sanchana Pardikar

Once again there was a break due to my International assignment in Fiji during which period classes kept going on Skype. This was made possible by the gracious gesture by Dr.Anuradha Sadashivmurthy who continued to host the classes at her residence on weekly basis. I must not forget to mention that from the beginning i.e. January 15, 2012 Mr.Venkatesh Kundapti has been attending the classes regularly without fail to this day and has been generously distributing the Panchanga (Yearly Ephemeries) on every Yugadi (New year) day to each and every participant every year. During my tenure in Fiji between 2014 & 2016 I conducted Astro teaching for few doctors who showed keen interest, who were as follows:

  • Dr. Abha Gupta  (Pathologist)
  • Dr. Balaram Pandit  (Psychiatrist)
  • Dr. Dharmendra Sharma (Psychologist)
  • Ms. Bosky Jadhav  (Psychologist)

Another historic day, on January 15, 2015 “Sarvamangala Institute of Vedic Astrology” website was launched by Sri. T S Krishnamurthy my well-wisher as well as friend, philosopher & Guide from Canberra, Australia. The weblink under the name of was hosted and sponsored by Sri. Kalyan Krishnamurthy. I must thank Karthik Karuppaswamy for his honorary service of contributing his time and efforts in designing and developing the website from Tamil Nadu. I returned to India on March 6, 2016 exactly after 20 years from the day I left India for Australia on March 6, 1996. On April 16, 2016 I began conducting Global classes on Skype to reach out to as many as interested enthusiasts all over the globe as well as to reconnect with my previous learners from various destinations.  

Thus, originated Global Astro Online Class on Skype.

The last but not the least I am thankful to all my Astrology clients all over the Globe from past 3.5 decades who have consulted me and thereby motivated me to update my Astrological knowledge.

By Dr. Bhalachandra Keni
Physician, Hospital and Healthcare Management, Acupuncture Practitioner, Astrologer – Jyotishya Praveena

Dr Bhalachandra Keni, a medical doctor (Physician) by profession, is also learning, practicing and teaching Astrology for the last 50 years with the sole motive to teach younger generation the science behind astrology and the art behind interpretation in an effort to eliminate misconceptions surrounding it. He founded the Sarvamangala Institute of Vedic Astrology (SIVA) in 2006 which has been conducting online scientific astrology classes since then based on his vast research and statistical studies.

Dr. Bala is a medical professional with 42 years of experience in Hospital, Health Care Management, and Operations. He has worked in the roles of Chief Medical Officer, Hospital head, Visiting Assistant Professor, Medical Director etc. in India as well as the remote parts of the Pacific Islands Countries viz. Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Republic of Marshall Islands and Fiji Islands. Apart from allopathic medicine he also practices Acupuncture. He has a wide range of interests which include painting, rangoli art, acting, swimming, and fitness.


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