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KATHAPOD – Once Upon A Story is a story podcast brought to you by KATHA GALATTA, a storytelling initiative of Meenu Sivaramakrishnan. Meenu is a performance storyteller, voice-artist and educator who truly believes that stories are not only entertaining but also enriching. And when it comes to oral storytelling and audio stories, there are no actual visuals. So a story well told, allows the listener to visualize and run the images in his/her mind thus honing creativity and imagination skills. KATHAPOD brings to all, stories of different genres from around the world. Visit: KATHAPOD

Adaptive Instruction Review & Recommendation

Who doesn’t love stories? In fact humans are said to be story telling animals. Our ears open up naturally into rapt attention when a story is well told. When ideas give rise to feelings and feelings give rise to ideas, the story has served its purpose. I had the wonderful opportunity to listen to the episodes in KATHAPOD – Once Upon a Story – a podcast with amazing short audio stories from around the world in the voice of Ms. Meenu Sivaramakrishnan. The stories include folk tales from various countries including India as well as familiar ones like Tenali Raman. Each story comes with an introductory abstract in text. The actual story comes without text and that is the best part. The audio stories begin with a clear introduction on what is to come, with some music, modulated voice for the characters, mimicry of animal sounds and timely interjections.

While anyone would enjoy these stories, the best consumers would be children. The audio-only format would serve to improve listening skills – a skill that is of great relevance in our ‘gadgety’ times. KATHAPOD would be among the best choices to give children a great time and to connect to the various folk and historical traditions of the world.

Reviewer: L.N. Venkataraman


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