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iBrainPower Mobile App

Whether you wish to excel in an exam, learn a new language, avoid embarrassing memory lapses or simply want to stay mentally sharp … improving your memory is what you need to focus on! The App #iBrainPower has research-proven strategies that can effectively improve memory, enhance recall, and increase retention of information.

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Adaptive Instruction Review & Recommendation

It is well established in pedagogical research that the purpose of all learning must be to transfer the new concepts and information into our long term memory. This applies to all forms of learning at any age. To facilitate the same, an understanding of our brain structure, function, memory, learning principles, styles, characteristics and application of effective study practices is a must. Apart from these, developing good study habits and healthy lifestyle are essential to make the learning process continuous and sustainable.

iBrainPower, a free mobile application, designed and developed by Dr. Anshu Arora, Principal, Amity International School, includes all the essential elements mentioned above for effective learning, and brain development. The content presented in the app is easy in language and format for even young students to understand and implement. There are three main sections: Learning Styles and Barriers, Learning Methods & Tricks, and Brain & Memory principles.

The Learning Styles and Barriers covers the basic principles that govern the learning process, styles of learning with examples, understanding the dominant orientation to learning, the right method to revise a topic, learning barriers, exam tips, ways to build vocabulary and methods to improve reading speed.

The Learning Methods and Tricks covers learning by association, mind maps, use of diagrams, timelines, flowcharts, learning in sequential order, assigning numbers to alphabets, learning through alphabetic order, mnemonics, acronyms and mind palace method for mental retention.

The Brain and memory principles covers knowledge on how brain and neurons function, details on left vs right brain, the power of the sub-conscious mind, the four stages of learning, how beliefs influence learning and the techniques to improve memory retention.

Each item in each section is in short video format with an average duration of about 4 minutes. They are rich with practical examples and time-tested techniques. The concepts are well illustrated visually and communicated in simple language and easy pace. The videos where Dr, Anshu explains on the mantra of success and examination tips are excellent for all learners and effective to apply as well as to understand.

Coming at a zero cost, the amount of practical knowledge and techniques in this app is phenomenal. The effort and thought process put by Dr. Anshu in designing and developing this during the critical time of the pandemic is inspiring and her kindness is beyond words. The iBrainPower app is among the most practical and useful app for every student and learner to use and realize the benefit.

About Dr. Anshu Arora

I am an educationist and have researched a lot about memory, learning techniques, NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) and developmental child psychology. Almost two decades back, I had also opened an institute by the name of ‘Brain Power Academy’ and in the past 25 years, I have been actively talking and discussing various techniques with the school kids.

Dr Anshu Arora, CBSE awardee & Principal of Amity International School, Gurugram has over 27 years of teaching & administrative experience in prestigious institutions like DAV, Ryans & Bal Bharti. She also mentored Bal Bharti School at Chennai. She is a CBSE Awardee and a ‘Master Trainer’ with CBSE for training Principals and teachers. Among her various achievements, she is a recipient of ‘Jewel of India’ Award, ‘Limca Book’ recognition, ‘Best Principal’, ‘Best Guru’, winner at ‘Cyber-Fair’ and an all India topper from Hotel Management, Pusa. Dr. Arora was invited as an Indian representative at BETT Asia leadership summit held at Singapore. She was felicitated with International Leadership Award at Dubai. She was the coordinator of the 5th International Children Theater Festival co-hosted by Ryan Schools and HT. She has been associated with Cultural Exchange programs and Model United Nations.

Reviewer: L.N. Venkataraman


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