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KATHAPOD – Once Upon A Story is a story podcast brought to you by KATHA GALATTA, a storytelling initiative of Meenu Sivaramakrishnan. Meenu is a performance storyteller, voice-artist and educator who truly believes that stories are not only entertaining but also enriching. And when it comes to oral storytelling and audio stories, there are no actual visuals. So a story well told, allows the listener to visualize and run the images in his/her mind thus honing creativity and imagination skills. KATHAPOD brings to all, stories of different genres from around the world.

Adaptive Instruction Review & Recommendation


Bird Woman

Bird Woman, Sacajawea, a magical realism, multi-episode series, is set in the untouched West. She discovers her supernatural shapeshifting powers as; part Woman and part Eagle. Sacajawea fights alongside the Lewis & Clark Expedition making heart-wrenching choices between the Native & Clark’s world.

Lynn Rogoff is the founder of her company, Amerikids USA. Presently, Rogoff won a Writers Guild of America Nomination for Outstanding Writing for No Maps on My Taps. This televised film was produced on grants from the AFI, PBS, the CPB, the Ford Foundation and the NEA and was the first to capture the black tap dancer contribution to American history. No Maps on My Taps received two Emmy Awards and First Prize’s at American Film Festival for Best Feature Length Performing Arts Film. Rogoff’s television work is as diverse: Sesame Street, Big Blue Marble, and Watch Your Mouth.

Adaptive Instruction Review & Recommendation

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J. Vaidhinathan
J. Vaidhinathan
June 20, 2022 8:26 pm

First & foremost, compliments to Ms Meenu Ramakrishna in enchanting spotless all white dress, matching pearl white mala and to cap it all, white teeth too with broad rich smiles.Hats off, so magnetic.

Storytelling is an art in itself, enticing the excited children with thrills, humour, suspense, fear, sympathy, laughter, cry and so on.
As a teenager, I was exposed to Anantharama Dheekshathar of Sengaliouran in 1950s and he used to keep the audience spell-bound, so nicely narating the Ramayana with his resonating voice, mixed with slokas and in between, the much-needed dharmic truthful ways to lead a life of contentment.

Since I have not gone through even one sample Kathapod, I am not commenting. Sure, if I am successful in going thro, which I am sure must and bound to be interesting,I will again forward my laudatory kudos.

Meenu Sivaramakrishnan
Meenu Sivaramakrishnan
Reply to  J. Vaidhinathan
June 20, 2022 10:28 pm

Thank you so much Sir for your wishes and compliments!

Yes I have heard of Anantharama Deekshithar about his pravachanam/Kathakalakshepam from my parents. That’s a traditional style of oral storytelling popular in the Tamizh land. I have heard a few by veterans like Krupananda Variar and now Vishaka Hari. I have tried to adapt it in my storytelling sessions and performances too blending musical elements when it is mythology genre of stories.

I would definitely like to hear your thoughts/comments after listening to my podcast stories.

Thank you!