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Wisdom in Threes


Prof.(Dr.) Shauli Mukherjee’s Story

The beauty of nature lies in diversity and this is governed by the difference in time. The difference in speed, in growth, in speech, in color and so on. Everything as a set of systems within and as manifestations of expressions as beings in function and structure are based on the seed called time. Time is among the causative forces of sound and hence the various differences also have respectively a unique vibration. This is all pervasive across the universe. In fact sound is said to be the cause of the creation of this universe in vedic system. A unique set of seed-sounds lead to the creation of Sanskrit grammar and language. All of this richness comes from that difference in time at the core called the pace. We all are born with some differences in our pace (in our discriminative power, learning power etc.) and thus it is no wonder that as children, our ability to learn is at a different pace for each of us. Any education system that excludes these differences and adopts a uniform code, arrests the harmonious development of creativity in each child – the power of richness we all are potent with.

Prof. (Dr.) Shauli Mukherjee, a passionate educator is keenly driven by the philosophy to let children learn at their own pace. She is a powerful speaker with deep insights to revolutionize the education system for the betterment of society and mankind. It is a great honour to feature her wisdom through this article. Looking forward to hear more from her over a video interview in the near future.

By Venkat
Adaptive Instruction


An Interview with L.N. Venkataraman

Anju Kishtawal

Principal, DSC Public School, Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, India


Anju Kishtawal’s Story

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a song is worth a million conversations. While a picture enables a clear visualization, a good song conveys the message straight to the heart in its various nuances to connect with impressions that remain for long in memory. Art must be the primary medium of instruction for all subjects including math because teaching essentially is an art. Teaching is much more about the connection to the learner’s minds than the subject content. With the twin purposes of imparting knowledge and raising the urge for independent exploration, it is rare to find teachers who succeed in both.

Mrs. Anju Kishtawal is among those rare who stands tall not only as a successful teacher but also as an inspiring leader with deep talent in music. It is a great honor to feature her in this inspiring interview series. Looking forward keenly to the video interview with her in the near future. Grateful for the wonderful sharing of her experience in the ‘Wisdom in Threes’ for our reading.

By Venkat
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An Interview with L.N. Venkataraman

Narinder Kaur

Counsellor, Energy Healer, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker
Author & POSH Trainer

Delhi, India


Narinder Kaur’s Story

A few days back, I had written in an article that negativity and badness do not exist in reality. Either there is goodness or there is an opportunity to create goodness. The great misconception in many minds is to seek a ‘better condition’ and think that our life is better when the prevailing condition changes. In that very thought one assumes that conditions determine one’s experience. The truth is that we are the nucleus – the control center – of all that functions around us which translate into experience in our mind. By waiting for the ‘right conditions’ we leave our surrounding conditions open for outside attack / control by someone / something else. The reason is that the conditions around us cannot function without receiving commands – to extend the cellular analogy – the cell organelles need to receive commands to perform their functions in the cytoplasm.

Narinder Kaur’s life story is an epitome of inspiration on how she unleashed her power within to overcome indignities and harsh conditions she lived in. It has become her life mission to empower all such women who suffer through trauma in relationships. She helps them rebuild their lives, to come out of their shells and realize their true power and lead a life of purpose with dignity. It is a great honor and opportunity to learn from the wisdom rich experience of Narinder Kaur through this article. Looking forward to the video interview with her in the near future.

By Venkat
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An Interview with L.N. Venkataraman

Nivi Jaswal

Founder and President – The Virsa Foundation Inc, Whole Food Plant-Based Investor, Research Innovator, Social Entrepreneur

Boston, USA


Nivi Jaswal’s Story

Nivi’s life journey is unique because it depicts success of two kinds. The two which are opposite in intention and effect. Her life before the events that lead her to switch to ketogenic diet (and later to veganism) is a picture perfect story of success – good education, a leading global role in a corporate, with global travel. The success equated to rise in job position, popularity and wealth. We all grow up with this very definition of success in mind until somewhere down the line, for some, the underpinnings of it becomes questionable through exposure to the motives behind business growth. Nivi was one of them, who used to last work in a corporate, in a food production industry’s research division. The ties with international development agencies and their model of implementation seemed hypocritical and when this was compounded with her own health crisis, Nivi’s life took a different turn. In the process of regaining her health and her resolve for a long term wellness solution for others, her knowledge from the past work experience took her to the right alternatives and exploration of new dimensions of health. Thus, the Virsa Foundation was born wherein she delivers whole plant based food products enabled by research and embedded sustainability principles. She has taken it on a large scale with coalition with many women led organizations and strives for the benefits to reach the poorest of the poor.

It is truly wonderful to cover Nivi’s ‘Wisdom in Threes’ in this article. Her sharing of her experience is truly appreciated as well as her patience for the long time it has taken to publish this article.

By Venkat
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An Interview with L.N. Venkataraman

Preeti Sachdeva

CEO & Founder of ‘Parenting with Preeti’, Certified Parenting Coach, Memory Coach, and Mind Trainer, Author. and an Educator

New Delhi, India


Preeti Sachdeva’s Story

We have a lot of learn from children especially the really young ones for their equanimity of mind and hope in the face of great uncertainties and active imagination. As adults, many shudder at the very thought of uncertainties and to imagine beyond standard ‘norms’ often faces ridicule. On top of this, with both parents working and the prevalent diaspora, an area of particular focus that demands critical attention is the very role of parenting. This space is growing as another subject for skill development for the benefit of parents as well as children.

Preeti Sachdeva brings her inspiration and compassion into this area with some pivotal work for the benefit of thousands of children. Dealing with pre-primary and primary children can be both emotionally as well as intellectually very demanding. It takes courage and great amount of perseverance to dedicate oneself in this domain, because the results are often not obvious and take a long time to take effect. Her efforts and work deem a huge respect and appreciation. It is an honor to feature her in this interview publication for the inspiration of everyone especially young adults.

By Venkat
Adaptive Instruction


An Interview with L.N. Venkataraman

Benita Sen

A wordsmith. journalist, editor, prolific award-winning children’s author and workshop resource person

Klkata, India


Benita Sen’s Story

It is a great honor with immense pleasure to introduce Benita Sen – not just for her achievements in writing but for her personality as a whole – as a wonderful, caring and simple human being. The love one gives to every living being and the humility despite achievements and knowledge sums up a person’s worth. One such esteemed person who leads it as a living example is Benita Sen. Her day begins with care for the birds and pets. Much of her ideas are inspired by her connect with them. She has rescued several animals from injury and distress. Nature writing is one of her key strengths. Animals and birds follow their natural cycles in harmony with nature. The endeavor for humans towards spiritual upliftment lies in being in harmony with nature and the universal rhythms. As a nature lover, Benita is blessed with the best elements towards that harmony.

She is a prolific author, with more than 40 books to her credit. As a journalist, her work in association with leading publishers, magazines, journals, newspapers, educational organizations, government etc. makes her a writer with a wide range of experience in the elements of literature, spanning all genres. For a person who tries to understand the language of birds and animals, connecting with a child’s world would be natural. True to that, Benita has written several award-winning books for children spanning themes of nature, nutrition and values. Her deep connect and care for nature reflects in her writing. She brings her wisdom, knowledge and creativity to children through various educational workshops. Her focused interest areas in environment, health and values make her the best placed in intention as well as virtue for impactful outcomes in children’s education and development.

It is a boon indeed for children and the world of literature to relish the wonderful books by Benita. Her love for nature and the belief in ‘living for giving’ are worth emulating and truly inspiring.

By Venkat
Adaptive Instruction


An Interview with L.N. Venkataraman

Sandeep Bogra

Founder of ‘Someone You Need’

Chandigarh, India


Sandeep Bogra’s Story

It is said that one must not judge anyone by their appearance. Well, there are some people who so simple and so sweet, their personality exudes completely on their face. One such eminent person is Sandeep Bogra. His friendliness and openness is evident in everything he does. His care for people and relationships makes him a natural fit for his mission with ‘Someone You Need’. Being ‘passionate about people’ as Sandeep puts it, is one of his greatest asset – a virtue that is a must-have for a teacher or a coach not just for effective communication but to create effective models for innovative solutions.

His contribution is immense in several platforms in various formats. He is the best selling author of the book “Divorce, The Best Thing Ever Happened?” Apart from his work as a Life & Relationship coach, he delivers motivational speeches, shares knowledge on his YouTube channel and runs several series of talks with other eminent people as a talk-show host. He is a man of many talents including poetry and singing.

Beyond a certain level of expertise in job related skill, it is the people and relationship skills that largely determine one’s growth in influence and career. This is a great opportunity to learn ideas and gain insights from his experience and wisdom. Please find his ‘Wisdom in Threes’ shared below. Looking forward to the video interview with him in the near future.

By Venkat
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An Interview with L.N. Venkataraman

Sumeet Gogia

Author of 2 Books, Art Teacher, Motivational Speaker
A Big Time Medical Survivor

Ludhiana, India


Sumeet Gogia’s Story

Sumeet’s recovery from her medical conditions is godly and so inspirational. It is hard to express in prose and hence I choose to write about her in poetry.


An Interview with L.N. Venkataraman

Payal Nanjiani

Globally Acclaimed Leadership Expert and Speaker
Leadership Expert, Executive Coach and Author



Payal Nanjiani’s Story

The human body as an organized, coordinating internal systems is endowed with an intelligence to succeed in its function with the available resources. There are internal mechanisms to increase or conserve energies based on the bodily demands, new food supplies and external environmental conditions. All this would not be possible without the control centre called the brain. It has the vital role to send and receive organ-bound messages to trigger hormonal releases or chemical reactions and ensures energy needs are met all the time throughout life. This design of our biological mechanism to adapt to internal as well as external conditions is divine and fortunately the organ systems have ‘self-awareness’ in-built by nature.

Successful business organizations work much the same way as organized, coordinating internal systems. The parallel drawn from human physiology serves good for the purpose as well as inspiration. In the end, the vital capacity and ability to adapt to the internal as well external conditions underpins the success, growth and stability of a corporation. Leaders have the critical role and responsibility – much like the brain in our analogy – to ensure all functions run smooth in BAU as well as changing conditions. These include the abilities to have a clear vision, inspire employees to awaken to their strengths, communicate ideas clearly and to serve as living examples of demonstrating human values and ethics.

Payal Nanjiani, is a Globally Acclaimed Leadership Expert and Speaker, Top Executive Coach and New York Award-Winning Author. She endeavors to bring valuable insights and models to groom leaders towards success. She comes with a refined understanding of business models, corporate structure and an immense knowledge on the working styles of the top organization CEOs and leaders. Her leadership podcasts with leaders, coaching, and training sessions are brilliant, exuding practical insights for leadership as well as organizational development. She covers every aspect of leadership that spans people, process and performance communicating ideas with analogies that help to absorb them well. She contributes regularly in the leadership blog section of Times of India and her articles provide useful nuggets of wisdom from her vast experience of over two decades working with leaders.

It is an honor and a pleasure to cover Payal in this interview article for the inspiration of young adults. Please find her ‘Wisdom in Threes’ to appreciate her better.

By Venkat
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An Interview with L.N. Venkataraman

Dr. Kirti Sharma

Principal, Jesus Sacred Heart School, Ludhiana, Speaker, Trainer and Panelist, Founder of “Power Talks”, a Facebook LIVE Show

Ludhiana, India


Dr. Kirti Sharma’s Story

Aligning human values to our inner world brings peace within and aligning human values to the outer world brings harmony around. This alignment is a continuous process as the needs, demands and conditions keep changing both within and in our external world. We align through our responses by conscious actions driven by our awareness and thoughts. While every situation, environment and age have their own specific conditions and constraints, the primary purposes of living and education remain the same. The purpose of living is for the harmony and the purpose of education is to be equipped enough to solve the problems that arise from disharmonies around us and the misalignments within. This works across various ‘units’ of life beginning from the individual and the family, to the country and the world. A family member is the one, best equipped to solve the problems in his or her family; not for another family. Likewise, as Indians born and educated here, we are the best equipped to solve the problems in the country. This purpose of education is best entrusted to and instilled by schools.

Dr. Kirti Sharma is one such leading academician with that vision and purpose, to develop children into good human beings and citizens who solve the problems of our country. She is a thought leader and a wise administrator in ensuring the vision translates to the right practices through innovation. She ensures that every teacher is well trained and awakens himself or herself to be one with the vision and the purpose of education. It is thus no surprise that she has been conferred with the ‘Most Innovative Principal’ award.

The importance she lays on the Indian traditional values and our rich spiritual heritage ensures that children in her school mold in the best combination of talent, skill and value development. She strongly believes in the grooming of parents as well because they must be awakened too and be made aware of, as equally responsible for the development of children towards the purposes of living and education; which remains constant in our ever-changing living environment.

She is a great advocate and innovator in bringing ideas to ensure learning is made experiential. This harnesses great value in not just understanding concepts but also to internalize their relevance in life. The biggest block for a child in learning is to comprehend the relevance of a subject to life and experience. Dr. Kirti Sharma, through her programs and online platforms works tirelessly to bridge the various gaps amongst children, parents and teachers for alignment to the purpose
, we all are equally responsible to live for.

To be enlightened and sparked by great inspiration, read further from Dr. Kirti Sharma herself in her wonderful ‘Wisdom in Threes’.

By Venkat
Adaptive Instruction


An Interview with L.N. Venkataraman

Lynn Rogoff

Writer, Director, Producer and Professor. Founder Amerikids USA, 2 Emmy Awards Winner, Writers Guild of America Nomination for ‘No Maps on My Taps’

New York, USA


Lynn Rogoff’s Story

For decades, Lynn Rogoff is known for her varied works and information about her is available on the internet. Those who are unfamiliar can find her achievements listed in the relevant section below. My attempt here is to give a different perspective than what is already published on her to bring some key ideas and lessons for us, especially the young.

Our focus is best on a subject when we completely lose ourselves into it. It is when our body, mind and soul converge into a union. This is possible in yoga, meditation, music, drama as well as games. Games are probably the easiest among these to engage as a novice because one can get “into it” even with a low skill level and unstructured practice. No doubt, games are what we love and remember the most from our childhood. There have always been games on solving mysteries, hunting, shooting, racing, catching and killing in order to be the top scoring ‘hero/heroine’. More often than not with the advent of modern technology, these have become great avenues to escape from responsibility, feed the ego and bring pleasure to make up for the frustrations in real life.

Consequently, there is an increase in gadget game addiction among the young. Life works by the laws of human values with a basis which is far from the competitive binary switch of win vs. lose. There are not enough games on human values in the market. That is exactly where Lynn Rogoff comes with her unique anthem in game design. She is the ‘Bird Woman’ in the terrain of media-land (if I may courageously use her own work’s title to compliment her). Her award-winning ‘Endanger’ game series is a testament to the innovative idea of bringing human values into game design. In this game, players must save animals from extinction – such an exotic idea compared to the usual killing and shooting games. In her own words, ‘One can make a rewarding career in game designing by learning VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), Android and Unity’.

One element that stands out in all of Lynn’s works, right from the writing, drama, media to game design, is this great combination of a spirit to experiment with something new and the fabric of human values. To talk in terms of computer technology, social cause is the operating system on which Lynn’s literature and experiments run on. In my understanding, therein lies her unique strength – the visualization of a better world by tightly integrating media into application of human values. Online media has undergone a great change, thanks to the long pandemic period and it benefits with works Lynn Rogoff brings for the consumption of the new generation. Her upcoming audio-drama series “Bird Woman” depicts the life story of Sacajawea who is the most celebrated native woman in American history because of her able guidance and direction in the Lewis-Clark expedition, bringing an epic story of human values, inspiring audiences through stunning visuals and detail on native American culture. A review on the same by me can be found here:

It is an honor to cover Lynn’s work and life story here. We are indebted to her kindness in giving time to Adaptive Instruction for the inspiration of others – especially the young.

By Venkat
Adaptive Instruction


An Interview with L.N. Venkataraman

Kaushaki Sondhi

Board Advisor to many Universities, Education and Schools Administration, Mentor of Change NITI AAYOG

Agra, India


Kaushaki Sondhi’s Story

We all are familiar with the paradigm of learning, unlearning and relearning to upgrade our understanding of concepts in new situations or new tools. It is the kind of learning similar to driving skills – an experiential one – gained over new terrains, weather, places and awkward routes. What good however, could a specialized driving skill bring if we are not aware of where we are going? Therein comes another paradigm in learning – not spoken of commonly – of learning, specializing and then integrating with everything else. It is like the shift from seeing physics in the world to seeing the world in physics. It takes a philosopher’s vision and perspicacity to bring this integration of ideas in a holistic perspective.

Kaushaki Sondhi is one such visionary whose global view on the needs for human rights towers above all organizations working on their individual and independent objectives. Her single-minded passion to address the core needs in education, life skills and women empowerment drives her inspiration to bring organizations together on a single vision. The vision to bring transformation for the betterment of every living human and the world. It is a revolutionary and compassionate outlook that looks far beyond individual pursuits and underlines the basic connectedness of everyone in the world as a single family. Kaushaki’s constant endeavor to network leaders, organizations and forums together for a single cause is unique and unmatched. The fact that she could bring her vision to reality with zero funding speaks volumes of her courage and perseverance. It is a great honor for Adaptive Instruction to cover her interview through her ‘wisdom in threes’ in this article. It along with the video interview in future would serve as a great source of inspiration for the young.

Read on to gain insights into Kaushaki’s experience, amazing work, wisdom and lessons for life.

By Venkat
Adaptive Instruction


An Interview with L.N. Venkataraman

Anish Baheti
Chartered Accountant, MBA from University of Sydney
Certified Life Coach, Certified Brain Mapping Practitioner

Ahmedabad, India


Anish Baheti’s Story

Let’s build vocabulary through the Ganga-Amnesia cup technique! Take two cups. Pour some ‘Ganga Jal’ (Ganges river water) into one and your normal tap water – let’s call it ‘Water from the Amnesia river’ – into the other. Write some words commonly used on chits of paper for example: Good, Bad, Know etc. These must be thrown into the cup holding the Amnesia river. Now express your feelings from the events of yesterday without ever using the words ‘good’, ‘bad’ and ‘know’. Think and come up with replacement words for ‘good’, ‘bad’ and ‘know’ and put those words in the cup holding ‘Ganga Jal’ as you narrate your experience in a new vocabulary.

Doesn’t the Ganga-Amnesia technique make the vocabulary building so much fun and thought provoking? This is precisely how inventive and simple Anish is in his methods of coaching people even on the most complex and abstract subjects on life. We all have experienced how stories engage us in being attentive and absorbing new information or a concept. Likewise, doing a practical activity is another great way to engage people. However the real test of understanding a concept or new information is in being able to see it and express it through application in any new situation, context or physical objects in one’s own creative ways. This understanding is possible only when the concept can be experienced through things and situations we are already familiar with. That is where Anish’s unique skill and expertise lie – to be able to break down complex, abstruse, unfamiliar and difficult concepts into ‘easy-to-grasp’ models which are
relatable for the audience, making it an absorbing and long lasting experience.

Anish, to his credit, has award winning creations of ‘The Life Deck’ (from self-inquiry to self-realization) and ‘The Numb€₹$ Deck (accounting for people with non-accounting background). These are packs of 52 cards which have proven to be engaging and effective in bringing the needed skills of practical value. He plans to share his inspiring article on the same here soon. Please look forward to reading it in the coming days.

Anish’s works are the cornerstones on the teaching paradigm. This interview article is thus a wonderful opportunity to appreciate his inventive methods in coaching and his ‘Wisdom in threes.’

By Venkat
Adaptive Instruction


An Interview with L.N. Venkataraman

Neeta Bhalla
Vice Principal, VIBGYOR Group of Schools, Lucknow, Teacher Trainer, Author, Poet, TED Speaker, Hypnotherapist

Lucknow, India


Neeta Bhalla’s Story

the hand that holds
through thick and thin
knows in life, how to win

the hand that gives
in pleasure or pain
teaches in life, how to gain

the hand that prays
for every soul
lives life, a complete whole

The above poem is dedicated to Mrs. Neeta Bhalla, for her love of poetry who not only lives life as a complete whole but also inspires everyone – young and old – to live life as a complete whole. She leads by example on how to balance work and family as well as grow one’s interests. As an educator, she is a pioneer in bringing holistic development of children, who develop emotionally strong enough to accept failures. Her work in advocating freedom for children to explore their competencies and emphasis on self-reflection is exemplary. She also grooms young teachers to ensure the principles of a Growth Mindset are instilled and the children develop aligned to the vision of holistic development. With various contributions in literature and academics, Mrs. Neeta is indeed a shining beacon of inspiration for all of us.

It is a great honor to cover Mrs. Neeta Bhalla’s interview and the opportunity to learn from her ‘Wisdom in threes’ as presented below.

By Venkat
Adaptive Instruction


An Interview with L.N. Venkataraman

Dr. Rabiaah Bhatia
Global Speaker / Mentor of Change @ Niti Aayog / Ms. Angelic Fashionista 2022 / Global SDG Ambassador / World Record Holder / Thought Leader / Sr. Legal Media Advisor / Mompreneur / Author / Founder – eD WebStudio Channel

Winner of the ‘Most Inspiring Woman on Earth’ Award, June 2022
Delhi NCR,


Dr. Rabiaah Bhatia’s Story

A running race as an individual event brings out the best in oneself to focus, develop and achieve the winning medal. Life, in people’s careers function more or less like individual race events. Each one for himself or herself. Working towards a dream and taking pride in the winning moments. But is that what life is all about? What if we could all have a common purpose, work together, win together and celebrate together all the collaborative winning moments? That collective joy of working for a higher purpose and celebrating together is way beyond what individual wins bring.

Dr. Rabiaah Bhatia is a living example of one with such an inspiring vision and purpose which is beyond all individual dreams or achievements. She advocates that one must look beyond self-enhancement and move to empowering others and build higher levels of empathy across the world for a new creative society. This paradigm shift of perspective from individual races to a relay race is a huge shift and may not be as simple as it may sound. Dr. Rabiaah works tirelessly towards her vision and her focus towards making it real lead her into the education sector. The change begins with the self as she says and at the grassroots in young children with value based education and inculcation of life skills. Dr. Rabiaah has done path-changing work in bringing value-based education curriculum for children. She quit her professional career after 18 years and decided to work towards the purpose she discovered was meant for her. To create a peaceful society, spread love and happiness where every human is equally important at all levels.

It takes one spark to ignite a fire and one inspiring person to transform many. Discover the passion, energy and purpose in Dr. Rabiaah Bhatia’s amazing work towards a better society that we all could work together for and make it real.

By Venkat
Adaptive Instruction


An Interview with L.N. Venkataraman

Shanti Sharma
Founder, Chief Creator, Collaborator, and Coach – Grow with Satori

ICF ACC Certified Coach
Director, Learning portfolio in ICF Bengaluru Charter Chapter



Shanti Sharma’s Story

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

The above is a well known proverb. There is no doubt in the wisdom of the proverb, and the obvious durability of learning a new skill. The dynamics of our present times however, have added new dimensions – both to the art of teaching and the art of learning. It is no longer about teaching to fish. One has to “teach to fish when your boss hates it”, “teach to digitally fish during lockdown”, “teach to fish mindfully” and so on with the multitude of things to desire, opportunities to use, uncertain events and demands on our time. There is a clear need to find new frameworks, models and paradigms to make teaching as well as learning effective in its outcomes. The chasm between the self and personal growth is self-awareness, and between the self and relationship growth is social awareness as taught in the lessons on emotional intelligence. There is another chasm between self and skill growth and that is in ‘practice awareness’. I guess the next best candidate after IQ, EQ, AQ, OQ, UQ and YQ is the PQ (Practice Quotient) – the ability to effectively and efficiently apply the practices needed for skill development (given the dynamics discussed).

Shanti Sharma is exactly the coach who bridges that chasm, armed with a bouquet of amazing ideas to increase anyone’s ‘PQ’ – ability to tune one’s practice towards effective skill growth. She comes with over 2 decades of rich experience in the domain of learning and development. Her analogies and meticulously detailed guidance makes the ‘how-to’ of any new practice easy to absorb. Apart from her professional achievements, she engages in various volunteering activities for the society. It is a great honor to have this opportunity to interview Shanti and learn from her wisdom presented below with a perspective from her personal life and experience.

Absorb the wonderful nuggets of wisdom and advice in the esteemed words of Shanti Sharma!

By Venkat
Adaptive Instruction


An Interview with L.N. Venkataraman

Pavithra Ravindran
Founder & CEO – Ravindran & Radha Marketing Solutions, Kodaikanal

Winner of the Fastest Emerging Unicorn CEO Award, August 2021


Pavithra Ravindran’s Story

Ever wondered why racing cars are so fast? Many would know it the powerful engine, aerodynamic design, reducing air resistance, and the downforce created by controlling the air around for stability that makes them so superfast, not the fuel. The best growing and sustaining businesses likewise grow on the engine of strategy, the design of processes & standards, high quality skills to minimize obstacles and the talent management as the downforce for stability. It is not so much on the money-making. Money comes as a natural outcome of the value generated, made aware through a strong presence in the market.

Meet the superfast leader, Pavithra Ravindran, winner of the fastest emerging Unicorn CEO Award. She setup her content writing company at the age of 22 and in 3 years grew the customer base to 100 clients across 4 countries. Her ambition is to reach 1000 clients soon and to be the no. 1 content writing company in the world. Her success is driven by a clear business vison, passion for quality, customer understanding, value generation, focus on strategic employee engagement and innovation.

Beginning any entrepreneurial journey always comes with its challenges and more so when you start alone with no money as capital. Pavithra started her company with no capital investment and only by her passion and skills in content writing. In this wonderful interview, Pavithra candidly shares her wisdom for the inspiration of everyone especially students and young professionals.

Explore on the challenges Pavithra faced, her source of inspiration, recommended practice and the mantra for success in her words, in her ‘Wisdom in Threes’ coming straight from the heart.



An Interview with L.N. Venkataraman

Divyaa Doraiswamy
Founder – GURUKULAM The Shloka Learning Centre

Karnataka Women Achiever’s Award 2021
Excellence in Art and Culture

Bangalore, India


Divyaa Doraiswamy’s Story

While necessity is the mother of invention, adversity is the mother of self-realization. Until we are broken into parts we usually do not know the parts we are made of. It then becomes an opportunity to come into oneself as a whole, synergizing one’s willpower, passion, and purpose. Divyaa is an epitome of success and a stunning fighter, overcoming all odds. She is an entrepreneur running a global online school for children providing shloka education to preserve and pass the ancient Indian scriptural wisdom. Sanskrit mantras and shlokas have been scientifically proven to improve memory, focus and find inner strength. This is an essential life skill of practical use for dealing with stress through chanting of hymns. Divyaa’s life challenging crises have made her what she is today and transformed her by the very thing she teaches children – the chanting of shlokas. Any transformation goes through a rough treatment and it would be appropriate to consider negative experiences as important milestones towards self-actualization.

Divyaa shares her wonderful wisdom in ‘threes’ as shared below. In order to appreciate her thoughts and life story better, a follow-up video interview would be scheduled. Please look forward to it. Meanwhile let us celebrate her success and the spirit of her passion to make a difference to others.