Interview #17: For the Joy of Sharing

Anju Kishtawal

An Interview with Venkataraman L.N.
Adaptive Instruction

Anju Kishtawal is an educator with demonstrated experience of 20+ years in acedemia. Serving at DSC academy currently to head their programme and curriculum as a Principal. Passionate about education as a right for all and upskilling for youngsters.

Anju Kishtawal’s Story

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a song is worth a million conversations. While a picture enables a clear visualization, a good song conveys the message straight to the heart in its various nuances to connect with impressions that remain for long in memory. Art must be the primary medium of instruction for all subjects including math because teaching essentially is an art. Teaching is much more about the connection to the learner’s minds than the subject content. With the twin purposes of imparting knowledge and raising the urge for independent exploration, it is rare to find teachers who succeed in both.

Mrs. Anju Kishtawal is among those rare who stands tall not only as a successful teacher but also as an inspiring leader with deep talent in music. It is a great honor to feature her in this inspiring interview series. Looking forward keenly to the video interview with her in the near future. Grateful for the wonderful sharing of her experience in the ‘Wisdom in Threes’ for our reading.

By Venkat
Adaptive Instruction

Anju Kishtawal’s Profile Summary

PositionPrincipal, DSC Public School, Ahmedabad
Talks AboutEducation
Education Technology
EducationM.A, B.Ed,

Anju Kishtawal’s Wisdom in Threes

Describe yourself in three words

  • Enthusiastic
  • Optimistic
  • Passionate

Define life in three words

  • Unpredictable
  • Joyful
  • Opportunity

Three things which have been your greatest source of inspiration

  • Mother Nature
  • My Colleagues
  • APJ Abdul Kalam

Three challenges you faced in life

  • My first job
  • Resuming work after kids
  • Loss of my mother

Three ideas to build resilience to face challenges

  • Patience
  • Gratitude
  • Humility

Three essential things needed to achieve success

  • Hardwork
  • Motivation
  • Curiosity

Top three practices and habits you would advise to young students

  • Meditation
  • Reading Books
  • Aim high

Anju Kishtawal’s Awards and Recognition

  • Best HOD
  • Best leader
  • Best coordinator

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