Interview #19: For the Joy of Sharing

Sonal Jhajj

Early Years Educationist, Teacher Trainer, Multi Awardee, Teaching Aids Expert
A Global International Speaker, A Universal Healer, A Humanity Evangelist, A Published Editor / Writer

An Interview with Venkataraman L.N.
Adaptive Instruction

Sonal has a teaching experience of near about 18+ years in pre-school education in various stages of her life. She has been invited as a speaker on around 32+ platforms to create awareness on early years education, mentoring the educators and for her literary work. She has healed around 100+ Covid patients and many more for other problems through her healing energies.

She recently organized an Educational Conclave in Mumbai which was a huge success. The event was attended by many esteemed personalities from the education sector.

Sonal Jhajj’s Story

It is said that practice makes a person perfect. That perfection comes, not because of the repeated act per se. It comes because the repeated act penetrates into one’s inner layers by engaging the mind, focus, memory, heart, breath and one’s soul. Often it takes years and decades to reach such a level of refinement and finesse in skill. The longer one sticks to the same thing, holistic approach and universal acceptance come as natural by-products of the ripened fruit of one’s labour. Mrs. Sonal Jhajj’s long and deep experience in pre-school education exudes in her wonderfully vast achievements as inspiration for all educators. To still remain humble and down-to-earth places her among the unique masters who dedicate their life in service and care of others for the sake of a better world.

It is a great honor to feature her in this series of inspiring interviews with her words of wisdom for the young. Looking forward to the video interview with her in future.

By Venkat
Adaptive Instruction

Sonal Jhajj’s Profile Summary

PositionAn Academic Curriculum Developer for a teachers diploma course with GFECER
Education Ambassador- India – With IIU
Founder of “METAMORPHOSIS” – Human Empowerment Enclave. A global platform for Humanity and Women Changemakers
Founder of –
(1) Edumentors Hub – Teacher Upskilling Program
(2) Meraki- The Creative Safari – A children’s learning program
(3) Cosmic Aura- Universal Healing Energies
(4) Meraki – The Writing club
(5) Meraki – Nurturing Confidence – An Image Building learning Platform for Children.
ExpertiseLife-skills along with Academics in Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
Speaker on Education
Mentor of Educators
Published Author
Creative Writer
EducationB.Sc in Human Development Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) as a core specialization from S.N.D.T University, Mumbai.
Inventor of the Research pedagogy – “Skillogogy” in education field
SkillsTeaching / Writing / Painting / Researching / Early Childhood Education / Teaching aids expert / Creative art and craft / Graphic designer / Gardening / Cooking / Reading

“Integrity with education counts the most.”

Sonal Jhajj

Sonal Jhajj’s Wisdom in Threes

Describe yourself in three words

  • Passionate
  • Achiever
  • True leader

Define life in three words

  • Treasure
  • Divine Gift
  • My Life is my canvas – I am the artist of my life

Three things which have been your greatest source of inspiration

  • My inner voice – Every human being has an inner voice that opens their third eye to sense the aura around them and that voice becomes your great inspiration opening the locked doors automatically for you.
  • My Journeys
  • My Failures – they were actually my stepping stones to success. I converted Failures into Adaptability, Intrinsic Motivation, Learnings, and Resilient Experiences

Three challenges you faced in life

  • To navigate through roads less travelled – The doors of opportunities automatically opened for me because some where my intentions were clean and my heart yearned to do achieve something productive.
  • Challenges
  • Sacrifice of my career for my biggest capital for future – my children, they needed me the most these multiplied my interests.

Three ideas to build resilience to face challenges

  • Remain true to yourself first – Being true will lead you right paths where your destination is waiting for you.
  • Convert your problems into creative pursuits – Upskill yourself to the utmost to create a benchmark for yourself on your own
  • Make setbacks into comebacks – Breaks in career are actually the heat that the diamonds have to withstand to shine more brighter – Pressure creates diamonds.

Three essential things needed to achieve success

  • Education – Integrity with education counts the most.
  • Loyalty
  • Be the master of your own destiny

Top three practices and habits you would advise to young students

  • Don’t be in a competition – Competition will never take you further, you have to trace your own thriving forces that will help you outshine the others.
  • Treasure the virtues of Learnings – Fill your cups with best of all that universe wants to bless you with and treasure everyone with the motto “Equality with Equity”
  • Practice the Pause – Stay away from false assumptions and be non-judgmental – show in your actions. That’s the first human ethics that will strengthen relationships in personal and professional sphere.

Sonal Jhajj’s Awards and Recognition

  • The Maharana Pratap Bravery award for Education
  • The PIFA award for being a passionate Educationist
  • The most altruistic Editor Award
  • The most Congenial Editor award and many more
  • Swami Vivekananda Changemaker Award for her contribution in Education and Society. And many more.

Other Achievements

She has won many certificates (Outstanding, Excellence, Appreciation, Poet of fortnight, Honorable mention and Participation) for her literary work on various literary platforms. (250 – 300 certificates – Education and writing skills). Two of her poems have received a global appreciation and an outstanding review on the lines of respected poet “William Wordsworth” and one for the life’s journeys from esteemed literary personalities and she has also been elected as the Poet of the fortnight on the literary platform “POEMARIUM”. Her research work has been published in ECA Manuals. She has written for 15 books, 5 e-books and has been an Editor for 2 books .- (1) The Third Eye (34 writers) – available on Amazon (2) Hearteeculations – (76 writers) available on Amazon. (3 ) – An e-book – What’s in a Name (4) A June Edition – IIU – Revolution magazine – As a “Co-Editor” (5) For an episode as a Content Writer – for Positive Thoughts platform.

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