Interview #20: For the Joy of Sharing

Dr. Rupali Dhamdhere

Cluster Principal of Trinity International School and Junior College

An Interview with Venkataraman L.N.
Adaptive Instruction

Dr. Rupali Dhamdhere, a dynamic and phenomenal principal who knows how to lead difficult, but critically important situations, goes beyond the day-to-day demands of her position to create an exceptional educational environment. With 7 years of experience in banking and 20 years in the education sector- from teacher to the principal, she has molded her leadership style for teamwork, efficiency, and the work ethic to “keep getting better.” Yet, make no mistake.

Dr. Dhamdhere- is best described as an inspirational leader. She has a way of motivating teachers and students alike to work hard, keep a good attitude, and be socially responsible. She believes teaching is just not a profession but a platform to be resourceful thereby helping to push the community into raising responsible citizens.

She says “I strive to play an important role in the education and personal growth of children and adults by encouraging them to maximize their potential while promoting the interpersonal and communication skills essential in creating a positive and productive working environment”.

Dr. Rupali’s Story

Everyone is traveling on their own journey and is looking for what fulfills their aims, and desires to realise their potential. Working towards those aims, desires and building capabilities is necessary but not sufficient to achieve it. One must be at the right place, time and with the right people to experience the achievement. Being mindful of these individual journeys of everyone, each person deserves the same value and respect even when misaligned from our thoughts or requirements. It takes a humble mind and a compassionate heart to make such a valuable human connect with everyone at their level.

Dr. Rupali Dhamdhere is a supreme example of such a person who brings that human connection with every person she deals with. The ultimate aim of education is to be empathetic to others and Dr. Dhamdhere exemplifies this so well. Her experience across every layer of hierarchy of the education system in her career makes her so trustworthy, respected and enduring in the way she touches lives everyday. It is an honor to cover her interview article here with her ‘Wisdom in Threes’. Looking forward to the video interview with her in the near future.

By Venkat
Adaptive Instruction

Dr. Rupali’s Profile Summary

PositionCluster Principal of Trinity International School and Junior College
ExpertiseSpeaker on Education in Conferences
Conducts inter-state and national workshops
Serves on committees to innovate strategic educational answers
Researches and publishes on educational strategies
Hosts multiple trainings and workshops for organizations including the CBSE Board
EducationMasters Diploma in Journalism and Communication (MDJC) from Symbiosis
Bachelor of Education- University of Pune
Masters of Science-University of Sikkim
Ph.D. in Analytical Study of Teaching Pedagogy – University of Tonga.
Skills20 years in Education sector
7 years in Banking

“Everyday I look forward to come to work. Everyday is a new learning, a new chapter.”

Dr. Rupali Dhamdhere

Dr. Rupali’s Wisdom in Threes

Describe yourself in three words

  • Creative
  • Passionate
  • Fearless

Define life in three words

  • Family
  • Kids
  • Passion

Three things which have been your greatest source of inspiration

  • Parents – Parents as they taught me good habits which are the foundation of any progress. They taught me to accept failures gracefully.
  • Kids – My kids taught me to be courageous and to be persistent, they have been the little fire that kept burning and so eventually pushing me to stick to my path.
  • Soulmate – My soul mate for the silent patient support.

Three challenges you faced in life

  • Challenges keep coming – Life has come with its own set of challenges. At various points when I thought now there is no way moving ahead.
  • Quitting my Job – The conscious decision of quitting a job at a nationalized bank and turning to education.
  • Progressing up – Staring from being an assistant teacher for a nursery class to a cluster Principal today it has been challenging but an enriching journey.

Three ideas to build resilience to face challenges

  • Never Give up – I and my siblings have inherited this amazing never give up quality and are in a position to face all adverse situations and function smoothly in whatever situation comes before us.
  • Learn from Role Models – I have tried to work on my resilience and also want my kids to learn from what they see.
  • Inherit from Parents – I am sure my children will inherit it and this is one of the few valuable things I would want to give them as a part of their inheritance.

Three essential things needed to achieve success

  • Habits – Habits are things that lead you towards your goal.
  • Effort – A persistent effort to build those habits and stick on to them through the thick and thin is the key to achieve success.
  • Emotional Quotient – You do not need an extraordinary IQ score to be successful but I strongly believe that a better EQ that is Emotional Quotient definitely takes you on a better path.

Top three practices and habits you would advise to young students

  • Positive Memories – When children are growing up every positive and negative thing gets stored somewhere in their memory. It is up to us to ensure that there are maximum positive memories that have been stored, it does not mean that not a single negative memory should be there but the positive ones will help them make sensible decisions and separate the right from the wrong.
  • Understand Emotions – Understanding emotions of oneself and others. To remind them that being kind is not a sign of weakness but strength.
  • Fill the World with Love – This world is a beautiful place and lets all fill it with love for every being that exists in it.

Dr. Rupali’s Awards and Recognition

  • Global Principal Award
  • Humanitarian Award
  • Mindful educator Award
  • Dynamic educationist
  • Best Principal Top 25 women in the field of education and many more.

Other Achievements

To her credit She has been recognized and awarded with Indian Humanitarian Award-2020, 50 Most Influential Principals of India- 2019, Best Principal Award 2019- for contribution to Swacchh Bharat Abhiyaan, and many more.

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