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Neeta Bhalla

An Interview with Venkataraman L.N.
Adaptive Instruction

Innovation and experimentation are my key skills which helped me to build up an enriching experience of 22 years in the field of education. I started my career as a primary teacher and paved my path to Vice Principal. I strongly believe that it is not the holistic development of students that is of utmost importance, but the overall development of a teacher equally plays an important role. Working towards the growth mindset of teachers includes their mental well being, stress management and the best ways to enhance the proficiency.

Be the difference, Create the difference.

Neeta Bhalla

Neeta Bhalla’s Life Story

the hand that holds
through thick and thin
knows in life, how to win

the hand that gives
in pleasure or pain
teaches in life, how to gain

the hand that prays
for every soul
lives life, a complete whole

The above poem is dedicated to Mrs. Neeta Bhalla, for her love of poetry who not only lives life as a complete whole but also inspires everyone – young and old – to live life as a complete whole. She leads by example on how to balance work and family as well as grow one’s interests. As an educator, she is a pioneer in bringing holistic development of children, who develop emotionally strong enough to accept failures. Her work in advocating freedom for children to explore their competencies and emphasis on self-reflection is exemplary. She also grooms young teachers to ensure the principles of a Growth Mindset are instilled and the children develop aligned to the vision of holistic development. With various contributions in literature and academics, Mrs. Neeta is indeed a shining beacon of inspiration for all of us.

It is a great honor to cover Mrs. Neeta Bhalla’s interview and the opportunity to learn from her ‘Wisdom in threes’ as presented below.

By Venkat
Adaptive Instruction

Neeta Bhalla’s Profile Summary

Works AsVice-Principal Vibgyor High School, Lucknow
RolesAuthor & Poet: English, Hindi and Punjabi
Ted Speaker
Soft Skills trainer
Teacher Trainer
ISA coordinator for British Council Awards
EducationPost graduate in Nutrition and English. Pursuing MA degree in Education

Neeta Bhalla’s Wisdom in Threes

Describe yourself in three words

  • Intelligent
  • Enthusiastic
  • Faithful

Define life in three words

  • Challenge
  • Success
  • Eventful

Three things which have been your greatest source of inspiration

  • I – I am my own contender
  • Me – I believe in me
  • Myself – I am inspiration for myself

Three challenges you faced in life

  • Choice of career
  • Decision of further studies for brighter prospects of life
  • Implementation of my own ideas at work place

Three ideas to build resilience to face challenges

  • Being emotionally strong
  • Developing positive thoughts
  • Least expectations

Three essential things needed to achieve success

  • Knowledge
  • Focus on Objectives
  • Positive attitude

Top three practices and habits you would advise to young students

  • Perseverance
  • Take pride in what you do
  • Maintain healthy body, mind and spirit

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OVER A WARM VIDEO Conversation

Neeta Bhalla’s Awards and Recognition

  1. Best Inspirational Speaker Award 2022
  2. Jijau Maasaheb – International Proud Womania Award 2022
  3. IDYM Global woman power 2022
  4. Women’s World Record- Women Icon Award 2022
  5. Women Dedication- International Women Premium Award 2022
  6. IIU The most inspiring woman of the Earth 2022
  7. APDH association best mentor award 2022

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Veena Singhal
Veena Singhal
July 10, 2022 8:45 pm

I am proud to have a friend like you. Your are good friend, mother and teacher. Always smile. गलती से भी कोई गम तुम्हे छू न सके। ऐसे ही आगे बढ़ती रहो यही दुआ है। Love u ❣️❣️❣️❣️