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Dr. Kirti Sharma

An Interview with Venkataraman L.N.
Adaptive Instruction

Jesus Sacred Heart School team has enabled the school to achieve the rank of ‘Second Best School‘ in Ludhiana according to the ranking of Times of India Survey, 2021. The School has been conferred the 7-Star Ranking, 2021 as per CED and was awarded in Delhi on 22nd Jan, 2022 by esteemed CBSE officials, Mr. R.P. Singh, Mr. Biswajit Sahu and many others.

I train teachers on various aspects of Education and NEP. I have also trained Sahodaya Teachers for ‘Effective Lesson Planning’, ‘Art integration’, ‘Error Free Environment’, and ’21st Centure Skills’. I am a panelist and speaker in many talk shows. A special mention for the Talk Show ‘On New Age Careers’ by Mr. Chetan Sharma, an internationally known anchor who interviewed Prime Minister Mr. Modi on Edumate T.V. I was a Speaker on ‘Nurturing 21st Century kids’ in MIDNA Global Group wherein directors, owners of the schools and principals were the guests.

The energy level of a team is so important to run a school.

Dr. Kirti Sharma

Dr. Kirti Sharma’s Life Story

Aligning human values to our inner world brings peace within and aligning human values to the outer world brings harmony around. This alignment is a continuous process as the needs, demands and conditions keep changing both within and in our external world. We align through our responses by conscious actions driven by our awareness and thoughts. While every situation, environment and age have their own specific conditions and constraints, the primary purposes of living and education remain the same. The purpose of living is for the harmony and the purpose of education is to be equipped enough to solve the problems that arise from disharmonies around us and the misalignments within. This works across various ‘units’ of life beginning from the individual and the family, to the country and the world. A family member is the one, best equipped to solve the problems in his or her family; not for another family. Likewise, as Indians born and educated here, we are the best equipped to solve the problems in the country. This purpose of education is best entrusted to and instilled by schools.

Dr. Kirti Sharma is one such leading academician with that vision and purpose, to develop children into good human beings and citizens who solve the problems of our country. She is a thought leader and a wise administrator in ensuring the vision translates to the right practices through innovation. She ensures that every teacher is well trained and awakens himself or herself to be one with the vision and the purpose of education. It is thus no surprise that she has been conferred with the ‘Most Innovative Principal’ award.

The importance she lays on the Indian traditional values and our rich spiritual heritage ensures that children in her school mold in the best combination of talent, skill and value development. She strongly believes in the grooming of parents as well because they must be awakened too and be made aware of, as equally responsible for the development of children towards the purposes of living and education; which remains constant in our ever-changing living environment.

She is a great advocate and innovator in bringing ideas to ensure learning is made experiential. This harnesses great value in not just understanding concepts but also to internalize their relevance in life. The biggest block for a child in learning is to comprehend the relevance of a subject to life and experience. Dr. Kirti Sharma, through her programs and online platforms works tirelessly to bridge the various gaps amongst children, parents and teachers for alignment to the purpose
, we all are equally responsible to live for.

To be enlightened and sparked by great inspiration, read further from Dr. Kirti Sharma herself in her wonderful ‘Wisdom in Threes’.

By Venkat
Adaptive Instruction

Dr. Kirti Sharma’s Profile Summary

Primary RolePrincipal, Jesus Sacred Heart School, Ludhiana
Other RolesSpiritual Leadership Coach, Educationist, Panelist, Teacher Trainer
Founder of “Power Talks” – a Facebook LIVE Show
EducationM.A. Economics, B. Ed., Honorary Doctorate, Social Development from IIU
Certificate course on Executive leadership and Performance leadership from Cornell University

Dr. Kirti Sharma’s Wisdom in Threes

Describe yourself in three words

  • Powerful, spiritual me

Define life in three words

  • Live life responsibly

Three things which have been your greatest source of inspiration

  • My mother and my family – My mother and family have supported me to fulfill my dreams by taking care of my emotional and intellectual well being.
  • Dr. Late Abdul Kalam Ji – His selfless service to human kind and our country brings inspiration to many. Being a successful legend, his humble nature has always inspired me. Moreover, he was a man with multiple talents, of scientific temperament and poetic interests who lived a responsible life.
  • Brahmakumaris – Being a follower of Brahmakumaris and its teachings, I have gained real and deep insights of the Supreme Power and Yoga with the Supreme Power has enlightened me from within creating happiness and peace in my life.

Three challenges you faced in life

  • As a married childless woman to save my dignity – It seems our Indian society still is orthodox in its nature. Child bearing and rearing adds the value of woman in families. This belief of Indian families was the biggest challenge for me to save my dignity.
  • As a single divorced woman to create a path for myself – After being divorced I have to find out altogether from a scratch, how to drive my life. What path to walk on so as to create a reasonable life for myself. I had gone through various phases of acute sadness too, but still pulled out myself from every dark phase. It was not an easy journey to walk alone but God always send some people in life to support you and to enable you walk. We need to take one step and HE is ready to take thousands of steps.
  • As a leader to build an organization and sustaining the quality since 12 years – Always a leader has to face many challenges of building up institutions. There had been many but with the help of good management, I was able to cope up and today Jesus Sacred Heart School is well known in the entire northern India because of innovative practices, moving ahead of times and most importantly because of a good working culture for all the stakeholders.

Three ideas to build resilience to face challenges

  • Define your boundaries. Physical, intellectual and emotional boundaries – We normally forget to build up our boundaries and allow everyone to encroach upon our needs and desires. Those boundaries are to be built so as to save yourself from draining energies for wasteful things and save energies to build ourselves.
  • Build yourself with qualities of soul and connecting with the supreme soul – It’s the power of soul which helps one drive life. These soul powers need to be built up. Only that person can be emotionally and intellectually uplifted who is spiritually uplifted.
  • Dare to dream, step up to achieve with the right mindset and the right skillset – Many people just keep on dreaming and don’t take right steps to achieve success. Hence, your hidden inner call for the purpose needs to heard and then strategically planned for the success.

Three essential things needed to achieve success

  • Balancing the outward worldly achievements with potential – Success is a variable term which keeps on changing from time to time. Hence, as we grow our potential also keeps on growing and so the worldly achievements should also grow. Hence, the first step of success is realizing your potential.
  • Answering your inner call by sitting in silence and getting the guidance – Aligning your hidden potential with the call for humanity brings you ultimate success and happiness. Hence, listening to your inner voice and opposing the inner critic is the second step of success. This can’t be achieved without sitting with oneself in silence. Let not the voices of opinions of the world distract you but let the inner voice guide you.
  • Patience and Persistence – There is a drama of life and hence all the incidences of life are according to the drama. Your ultimate success lies in ultimate happiness which shouldn’t get disturbed by certain setbacks.

Top three practices and habits you would advise to young students

  • Understand your own existence and purpose – Young generation get lost in their peer pressure. They keep on acting and reacting according to the group they belong to. They need to identify themselves according to their own purpose of live and define their existence in terms of humanity.
  • Good mental diet to construct intellectual and emotional faculties – Strong and right mental attitude needs to be built up. For this nutritious mental diet is required which can’t be obtained from random write-ups and videos on social media. Such kind of media is like a junk food. Hence, mental diet needs to be improved through good literature, good talks, good movies and the company of awakened individuals.
  • Persistence in following up your purpose and dreams – The fast and quick generation randomly keeps on hopping here and there. The persistence in doing some task and having a never give up attitude will make them win. Hence, practicing patience for outputs will help them to go a long way.

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Dr. Kirti Sharma’s Awards and Recognition

  • Jesus Sacred Heart School under my leadership has achieved the rank of Second Best School in Ludhiana according to the ranking of Times of India Survey, 2021.
  • The school has been conferred 7-Star Ranking, 2021 as per CED and was awarded in Delhi on 22nd Jan, 2022 by esteemed CBSE officials Mr. R.P. Singh, Mr. Biswajit Sahu and many others.
  • Awarded as an Excellent Educationist by CT University.
  • Exemplary Eduleader Award by Global Schools Consortium in a function held at Bahavan Vidyalaya.
  • Recognition by APAC NEWS network as an Educational Leader and Speaker.
  • Top Super 100 Principals Award by Wednesday Times Magazine.
  • Super Woman 2020 By Forever Asia Awards.
  • Most Inspiring Woman on Earth award by IIU.
  • Recognition and awarded for Extraordinary Contribution in education by Great Principals Forum.
  • Most Active Principal by Olympiad association for outstanding performance by our children in various skill based tests and English, Science and Mathematics.
  • Most Innovative Principal award by Lions Club , Ludhiana.
  • Certificate for Contribution in Education by Great Mentors.
  • Innovations in Education certificate by Karadi Path, a communicative English Program.

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