Italian Culture and Tradition

Grateful to the energetic sessions on Italian language, culture, and traditions by Ms. Valentina Pontillo.



Hi, I live in Italy and I love my country. It is a country of welcome and sharing, home of the Vatican and of the Catholic religion. The landscapes are different but mainly it is a peninsula surrounded by the sea with beautiful landscapes. It has a very ancient history that starts from the Greeks and Romans to reach the Spanish and French dominations up to being a protagonist in the world wars and in the new European political scene.
This has led to this country being one of the richest in the way of historical monuments and artifacts. It has a very ancient culture of food and wine and for us every moment is good for socializing with a good pizza or a coffee in front of it.
I warmly invite you to come to Italy to admire all the amazing beauties this country has to offer!

Valentina Pontillo