Principles of Engagement | Requirements Process

Agreement on Document of Understanding (Principles of Engagement)
for Requirements Process

Agreement With the Software Vendor/Software Services Provider/Software Developer

  • All requirements from the company will be sent via email
  • The standard method of sending requirements would be in word document (The format to be used which is mutually convenient and agreed)
  • Requirements need not be in a word document in case of very minor change and may be sent in the mail body text itself
  • Company contact to be available for clarifying questions on the requirements, giving additional information for items which are in scope of the requirement. The standard method for clarification in requirements would be a Zoom meeting. This is to avoid too many emails back and forth
  • Once requirements are clarified, the software vendor or service provider to refine and document the final version of the requirements specs. After review of this finalized specs, a sign-off via email to be issued by the company on ‘Freeze’ of requirements. This means no addition or deletion to be made to the requirements after sign-off.
  • The software vendor/service provider/developer to work on requirements analysis and come back with feasibility of solution, technical requirements, effort estimate to complete the software project.
  • A review meeting to be held where a Go-No Go decision (either during meeting or after meeting) to be informed to the software vendor/service provider/developer.
  • The effort spent by the software vendor/service provider/developer to be paid based on actual hours spent as it may not be possible to estimate the effort on requirements analysis.
  • The hourly charges of the software vendor/service provider/developer to be mutually agreed upon before the requirements are sent
I am now aware of all the points in the requirements process outlined above and shall follow the same. I have the right to raise concern with company if there is non-compliance to the above. The company has the right to raise concern with me if there is non-compliance to the above.(required)