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The Purpose and Benefit

Objective of this Research Internship Program For Students

This brand new research internship program for the young aims to bring some good practices into the students’ learning of their curriculum subjects. The key to a student’s progress in education is in receiving direct guidance and this program has an assigned research guide. The topics to research are assigned keeping in mind the individual’s interest areas, subjects they are good at as well as the subjects they are weak at.

While on the one hand, this serves to encourage exploring further on what they are good at, on the other hand the interns open up to integrate what they have been avoiding to learn with interest. During the feedback of their work, the interns are exposed to the rigor of a study, what they did well and what they can do better. During the documentation or video making of their final analysis, they learn to structure their thoughts, improve presentation skills and prune their written communication skills.

Here the word ‘research’ in precise terms means an independent study performed by a student, following the rigor of a process and under guidance to ensure quality of work and presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who can Sign-up as a research intern?

Any student from School or College.

Q2. How long is this research internship program?

A student can continue as long as one wishes to. Usually a single research topic will last from 4 to 6 weeks depending on the level of engagement by the intern. Multiple topics can be done in sequential order as per the wish of intern. At present, practical projects, field study, industrial work etc. are not in scope.

Q3. Is this a continuous program?

This is not a continuous program. When a research topic work is undertaken, it is for the benefit of the intern to commit to it till its completion. Once done and published, the intern may choose to work on the next one or take a break. An intern can do from one to as many research topics as he or she wishes to. Any amount of breaks or pauses are fine in between two research topics.

Q4. Is the schedule fixed with deadlines to submit for a research topic?

There is no schedule fixed for a research topic. The intern is expected to develop self-discipline and set own deadlines and get the freedom to do so considering other priorities (or events) in their personal schedule. Only the steps and process for research work are defined and fixed.

Q5. What kind of research is done?

The students will be assigned with topics to research on. These topics will typically make students to study from various sources, apply critical thinking, engage with subjects they have been keeping away from (for want of interest) during the analysis / presentation, learn to document and structure their analysis in publishable format for benefit of others.

The assigned research topics will be aligned to their interest areas but integrated in some way to the areas they have been avoiding or left unexplored. The topics will be assigned as per the present grade and skill level of the intern. At present, practical projects, field study, industrial work etc. are not in scope.

Q6. Do students need to attend sessions or do this in workshop mode?

The enrolled students are expected to work independently on their own. Guidelines will be shared on the steps involved during the process of the research work. The guide is open to questions sent via email. He will progressively give feedback on their work via email. Usually there may not be any need for sessions or calls as part of this work by students. Depending on the need calls / sessions will be held.

Q7. Is this a paid program?

Yes. Rs. 500 one time payment during sign-up. After sign-up form is filled below, registrant shall be contacted regarding payment details.

Q8. Will a certificate be issued upon completion?

Certificates will be issued on demand. The intern’s work is published in the website/YouTube channel (in case of video output) free of charges. Printed Certificates from Adaptive instruction will be charged at Rs. 1000 per research topic completion.

Q9. Any due date for sign-up?

No due date for sign-up. This internship program can be taken up any time on any date.

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