Career & Leadership Services


The programs offered for professionals in Career and Leadership services

Leadership and Soft Skills Training for Professionals

Priya Jain
Soft Skills Trainer

About Priya
• Assertive Communication
• Stress Management
• Problem Solving
• Reverse Brainstorming
• Business Communication
• Time Management
• Interviewing Skills
• Teamwork
• Leadership Skills
• Active Listening

Leadership and Soft Skills Training for Young Professionals

Venkataraman L.N.
Leadership Coach

About Venkat
• Project Management
• Presentation Skills
• Conflict Resolution

Life Skills Development for Students

Trupti Wankhade
Life Skills Trainer
For Students
Grade 1 to 8

• Interpersonal Skills
• Creative and Critical Thinking
• Decision Making
• Stress and Anger Management

LIVE Workshops for Young Adults & Professionals

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