Special Services | Language Arts Instruction

Vasundhara Srivathsava
Language Arts Instructor

English for SAT/ACT
AP and Honors English programs
Support for ESL students
Students with IEPs
Spoken English
Creative Writing in English
English Grammar
Vocabulary Building

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Vasundhara Srivathsava
Language Arts Instructor – USA Region

Vasu Srivathsava has a bachelor’s degree in literature and journalism from the University of Mysore and a masters in mass communication from Hyderabad Central University. Additionally, she has a masters in education from TCNJ, New Jersey. Before becoming a teacher, she took various courses in computer science including several credits at Baruch University, New York. She worked as a software professional for 15 years before switching to education.

From 2012 to 2016 she worked as the Program Coordinator for language arts at Talent Development , an academic enrichment center. Later as part of her graduation requirements for teachers training and license, she interned at local public schools in New Jersey. She also works as a substitute teacher in several local school districts, which helps her stay current with the school curriculums and activities. Currently, she tutors students one-on-one in English Language Arts both online and in person.
Her classes include:

  1. Tutoring for reading skills, English writing, vocab building, grammar, literature and creative writing.
  2. Tutoring for English for SAT/ACT
  3. Assistance in the form of feedback for essays for college applications
  4. Tutoring for AP and honors English programs
  5. Tutoring for ESL students (English as Second Language)
  6. Assistance for students with IEPs (Individualized Education Programs or special education), 504 Plans (accommodations for learning disabilities) and children in resource rooms.
  7. Coaching for spoken English