2022 Reflections On the ‘Joy of Sharing’

Every little you give for the ‘Joy of Sharing’ section will help make it even better


The objective of the ‘Joy of Sharing’ initiative is to spread knowledge, experiences and ideas for the readers’ inspiration. It is also a great resource to trigger interest, practice, skill development as well as growth of thoughts in a variety of areas. It is a publication service free of charges, wherein volunteer authors contribute their work and these are proofread, formatted, a feature image is designed which includes the author’s profile picture, title, the author’s profile summary and, photo is included in the submission with an introduction to the contribution by the founder of Adaptive Instruction (except for poems and book reviews). The ‘Joy of Sharing’ includes the below:

  1. 11 different sections for contributions by volunteer authors / poets / artists
  2. Inspiring Interviews of personalities who go the extra mile and achieve
  3. Reviews and Recommendations by Adaptive Instruction
  4. Be The Change – Ideas to Change the World
  5. Everyone’s Got Talent
  6. Be The Change


From 12th Feb 2022


25th Dec 2022

  1. As on 25th Dec 2022, 23060+ website hits, thanks to the ‘Joy of Sharinginitiative
  2. A total of 257 publications (includes research paper reviews by student interns)
  3. 58 Guest Articles, 49 Poem publications, 19 Culture Articles, 15 Wellness articles, 16 Student Articles, 11 Education Articles and fewer in the various other sections
  4. 14 Interview article publications. Video format of the publications for 13 of them.



Keeping the objectives of the ‘Joy of Sharing’ initiative, in the context of growing contributions from authors and increasing reader engagement, Adaptive Instruction faces the challenge of low manpower and bandwidth (all publications so far have been managed and published single-handed) to achieve the following:

  1. Progressing on the huge pipeline of 21 interview article publications where inputs have already been received
  2. Progressing further on the 14 video interviews which are pending.
  3. Processing the pipeline of more than 10 contributions by volunteer authors and more have shown interest to send their writing
  4. Processing the pending 2 reviews and to grow this further to include more reviews & recommendations in guest channels
  5. Expansion of ‘Joy of sharing’ into regional languages. This is to encourage submissions in local languages. This is a must focus area for all of us and our future generations
  6. Grow the numbers of Inspiring Interviews

Adaptive Instruction plans to employ a team to overcome the challenge and help achieve the above based on your contributions – however little – while continuing to keep the initiative free of charges for the authors and interviewees.

Yes, your generosity and commitment is solicited. It will help sustain and build this beautiful ‘Joy of sharing’ initiative further for the inspiration of the young because it is important for everyone to benefit from useful ideas and to encourage the power of expression inside each of us.

Your small help today ensures continued engagement of readers and authors. Join in to make ‘Joy of Sharing’ even more beautiful for everyone. Your contribution makes this collaborative effort possible with 100% success. Thank you for the amazing response and engagement so far in this initiative.

To know how to contribute you may write to Mr. Venkat (venkat@adaptive-instruction.in) or WhatsApp him with the button below. With your little bit towards this,
you make a difference.