Tickles For Self-Reflection


Purpose: To stimulate the intellect with questions relevant to introspect and build the soft-skills for a meaningful life.

All Tickles use images from pixabay.com and are designed by Adaptive Instruction



The act of choosing a path does not by itself govern its nature. It is the intent that determines if it is for a selfish purpose or not. Everything is a door. It has no meaning of its own unless hinged at a point (or multiple points). In general 6 things (hinges) determine the nature of anything (when it relates to us humans).

  1. Intent
  2. Motivational impulse behind the action/phenomenon
  3. Dimension where applied (various layers from the subtle to physical)
  4. Input given (either as raw resource or as an activating factor)
  5. Material cause
  6. Intelligent cause

Motivational impulse can be mapped to

  1. Activity with meaningful goals (Artha)
  2. Righteousness (Dharma)
  3. Passion driven (Kama)
  4. For liberation (Moksha)


For The Joy of Improvement

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