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Vedic Astrology In a Nutshell – Part IV

By Dr. Bhalachandra Keni
Physician, Hospital and Healthcare Management, Acupuncture Practitioner, Astrologer

Foreword by Venkat
With an overview on the fundamental components of Vedic astrology, from this article onwards, Dr. Bala goes one level lower into the details of the connection between planets, zodiac signs and the houses. It is the permutation and combination of these three (along with certain conditions) that bring a rich range of internal and external attributes for a person. The information presented is still at the basic level and an essential one for anyone aspiring to interpret life, character traits, and environmental conditions based on Vedic astrology.

Discover the amazing world of astrology in the amazingly simple approach of Dr. Bhalachandra Keni.

Vedic Astrology In a Nutshell – Part IV

In this article we take a look at how the Grahas (Planets), Rashis (Zodiac Signs) and Bhavas (Houses) are connected. The last article covered details on the various Grahas at a beginner level.

How are Rashis (Zodiac signs) and Grahas (Planets) connected?

The 12 Rashis
The Grahas (planets) are constantly moving through the Zodiac. The circle of the Zodiac is divided into 12 equal segments called constellations or Rashis (signs). Each Rashi (sign) occupies 30 degrees of the celestial space. Each of the Rashis (signs) has a unique set of attributes that affect any Graha (planet) traveling through that sign. The signs are environments that affect the way a planet feels and behaves.

Here are the 12 Rashis (signs) listed in their natural order below. These were listed in one of the previous articles as well:

  1. ARIES (Mesha)
  2. TAURUS (Vrishabha)
  3. GEMINI (Mithuna)
  4. CANCER (Karka)
  5. LEO (Simha)
  6. VIRGO (Kanya)
  7. LIBRA (Tula)
  8. SCORPIO (Vrischika)
  9. SAGITTARIUS (Dhanu)
  10. CAPRICORN (Makara)
  11. AQUARIUS (Kumbha)
  12. PISCES (Meena)

Rashi Rulerships
Every Rashi (sign) has its particular planetary ruler. The Sun and the Moon rule over one sign each, while the rest of the Grahas hold ruler ship over two signs. Traditionally, Rahu and Ketu are considered not to hold ruler ship over any signs, although, some astrologers consider Rahu and Ketu to co-rule the signs of Aquarius and Scorpio respectively. The sign ruler ships are a permanent value.

ARIES (Mesha) is ruled by Mars.
TAURUS (Vrishabha) is ruled by Venus.
GEMINI (Mithuna) is ruled by Mercury.
CANCER (Karka) is ruled by the Moon.
LEO (Simha) is ruled by the Sun.
VIRGO (Kanya) is ruled by Mercury.
LIBRA (Tula) is ruled by Venus.
SCORPIO (Vrischika) is ruled by Mars.
SAGITTARIUS (Dhanu) is ruled by Jupiter.
CAPRICORN (Makara) is ruled by Saturn.
AQUARIUS (Kumbha) is ruled by Saturn.
PISCES (Meena) is ruled by Jupiter.

How are Rashis (Zodiac signs) and Bhavas (Houses) connected?

The 12 Bhavas
The Zodiac is divided in one more way. Relative to the position of the Earth, the zodiac is divided into 12 bhavas (houses). Just as the proper motion of planets is reflected by their degree positions in Rashis (signs), the diurnal (illusionary, relative motion of the planets as perceived from the Earth) motion of the planets is shown by their placement in astrological houses. The houses represent the various areas of life. The planets and signs that occupy the corresponding bhavas (houses) will affect those areas of life. The twelve bhavas (houses) represent the totality of the existence as experienced by a human being.

Here are the main significations of each house:
The First House represents the Self.
The Second House represents your financial assets.
The Third House represents courage.
The Fourth House represents happiness.
The Fifth House represents your children.
The Sixth House represents your enemies.
The Seventh House represents your spouse.
The Eighth House represents your vulnerable points.
The Ninth House represents your fortune.
The Tenth House represents your career.
The Eleventh House represents your income.
The Twelfth House represents the end of everything.

So far, we have briefly covered the general principles of the three main components of Jyotish: the Grahas (Planets), the Rashis (signs), and the Bhavas (Houses). The positions of the planets in the signs and houses are depicted in what is called the Horoscope. Evaluation and understanding of the interactive influences of these three main elements constitutes the interpretation of your horoscope.

To be continued…

By Dr. Bhalachandra Keni
Physician, Hospital and Healthcare Management, Acupuncture Practitioner, Astrologer

Dr Bhalachandra Keni, a medical doctor (Physician) by profession, is also learning, practicing and teaching Astrology for the last 50 years with the sole motive to teach younger generation the science behind astrology and the art behind interpretation in an effort to eliminate misconceptions surrounding it. He founded the Sarvamangala Institute of Vedic Astrology (SIVA) in 2006 which has been conducting online scientific astrology classes since then based on his vast research and statistical studies.

Dr. Bala is a medical professional with 42 years of experience in Hospital, Health Care Management, and Operations. He has worked in the roles of Chief Medical Officer, Hospital head, Visiting Assistant Professor, Medical Director etc. in India as well as the remote parts of the Pacific Islands Countries viz. Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Republic of Marshall Islands and Fiji Islands. Apart from allopathic medicine he also practices Acupuncture. He has a wide range of interests which include painting, rangoli art, acting, swimming, and fitness.


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