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Sade-Sathi – 7.5 Year Tsunami Period

By Dr. Bhalachandra Keni
Physician, Hospital and Healthcare Management, Acupuncture Practitioner, Astrologer

Introduction by Venkat
Sade-Sathi or Tsunami period (7.5 Naatu Shani in Tamizh) will be already familiar to those who consult astrologers on a regular basis. This period is based on the transit of Saturn and is notorious enough to receive blame as a ‘bad period’ in one’s life. While statistical evidence clearly indicates the impact and difficulties experienced by the mind, terming this period as ‘bad’ would be a defensive and defeatist stand. Much of the pain we experience is due to either lack of information (knowledge) or due to lack of training in the unfamiliar conditions. The Tsunami period, to provide a balanced perspective, can be looked upon as a period for personal transformation. Dr. Bhalachandra Keni always advocates usage of astrological findings as a guide to drive better actions. If astrology is not used to provide practical ways to help us, then it only reduces to a ‘future predicting’ tool conveniently used to blame for one’s struggles or praise for one’s successes.

To understand and appreciate Sade-Sathi at a good detail, this article by Dr. Bala is a must read. He has captured the essential summary from his vast experience and various reference texts.

Sade-Sathi – 7.5 Year Tsunami Period

This article covers details on Sade-Sathi, also commonly known as the Tsunami period in one’s life. It is based on the transit of Saturn over three contiguous zodiac signs of a native’s birth / natal chart. These three signs are different for each person depending on the chart.

Saturn, the most malefic planet, can produce significant changes both at the mundane and the individual levels when he enters a sign, in relation to the natal Moon. Saturn is known to confer benefic results only in 3rd, the 6th, and the 11th from the natal Moon’s sign. As also it is the Saturn’s slow passage through a Zodiac sign for 2 1/2 years, and 30 years for entire zodiac, which makes an individual feel the impact of its affect. Saturn makes three rounds in the life of an individual.

Saturn is said to cause Sade-Sathi, when it transits the 12th, 1st, and 2nd house reckoned from the natal Moon. Sade-Sath literally means Seven and a half in Devanagari, ancient language of Bharatakhanda (India). Saturn’s slow motion of 2 1/2 years in each zodiac sign brings its total time taken to pass through all the three signs constitutes to seven and half years. Normally, Sade-Sathi is considered to be Bad or Worst period.  It is a Turbulent period, in which an individual experiences a high magnitude of Ups and Downs. The impact is on the mind, as Moon represents mind. The individual undergoes various unusual and unexpected experiences.

In other words, Sade-sathi is a sort of seasoning period, an analogy for this can be made to:

Iron ore from the molten state eventually to become the final product, it undergoes very many processes such as forging, casting, filing, milling, chiseling, and finally chromium plating. When all these processes are meticulous and precise in operation then we get to see a perfect and a fine implement / tool. So, how each of these processes undergoes time consuming procedure, from one stage to another or on to another processing unit, similarly during Sade-Sathi, an individual undergoes from one experience to another (most of them unseen, unheard, or unexpected), which causes enormous mental stress and strain. The native literally feels as though he or she is being manipulated without choice.

Sade-sathi Phases

Phase1 (the beginning) when Saturn is located 12th to natal moon

Sade-Sathi is also called Brihat Kalyani in some texts. Saturn, when it transits the 12th house to the natal Moon, it said that Sade-Sathi begins. The two dimensions (Positive & Negative) mentioned are the perspectives in which native approaches and feels the issues. The native undergoes following experiences:

Series of events with two dimensions (Positive & Negative)

* change of place, position, profession

* starting a new life or new job, diving into a totally new arena

* auspicious ceremonies taking place, including Marriage

* series of problems in the form of mental-shocks, stress and strain

* forced decisions to be made without choice or a few choices

* mental and physical exhaustion

* ailments in the family

* depressing episodes, low self-esteem, and low vitality

* sleepless nights

* over expenditure

All these events appear weird, strange, sudden, unexpected, in a significant magnitude. 

Phase 2 (the middle) when Saturn is located in the same sign as natal moon

When it transits the zodiac sign occupied by moon in the natal chart, it is said to be in the second phase of Sade-Sathi, supposedly traversing the Heart of the body. The native undergoes:

* Emotional disturbances

* Heart breaking or breath taking events

* High degree of uncertainties

* Disappointments

* Forced decisions to be made without choice or a few choices

* Relationship building and breaking

* Separative tendencies from the near and dear ones                          

  • Unable to concentrate on any issue
  • Sleepless nights
  • Over expenditure

Phase 3 (Last portion) When Saturn is located in 2nd sign from the natal moon

This is the last phase of transit with reference to Sade-Sathi, when the Saturn transits the 2nd zodiac sign reckoned from the natal Moon. The native experiences:

* feeling of dis-associations from various bodies, agencies, communities

* wanders from place to place (Pillars to Post)

* transfers, promotions, displacements with rise

* with very many positive dimensions, the native never feels satisfied or commonly placed in a situation of dilemma

  • compulsive actions and decisions for various issues
  • over expenditure
  • sleepless nights
  • Erratic decisions                                                                      


The Seven & half years of Sade-Sathi has been presumed to be worst and bad period of transit, which certainly is not, though apparent feeling of turbulent negative events account for large proportion. Sufferings and untold miseries one experiences are nothing but they are lessons for us to learn. It is generally very severefor the Aries, Cancer, Leo, and Scorpio signs (i.e. Moon in those zodiac signs in the natal chart). It is said to be the Karmic retributions of one’s past.

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By Dr. Bhalachandra Keni
Physician, Hospital and Healthcare Management, Acupuncture Practitioner, Astrologer

Dr Bhalachandra Keni, a medical doctor (Physician) by profession, is also learning, practicing and teaching Astrology for the last 50 years with the sole motive to teach younger generation the science behind astrology and the art behind interpretation in an effort to eliminate misconceptions surrounding it. He founded the Sarvamangala Institute of Vedic Astrology (SIVA) in 2006 which has been conducting online scientific astrology classes since then based on his vast research and statistical studies.

Dr. Bala is a medical professional with 42 years of experience in Hospital, Health Care Management, and Operations. He has worked in the roles of Chief Medical Officer, Hospital head, Visiting Assistant Professor, Medical Director etc. in India as well as the remote parts of the Pacific Islands Countries viz. Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Republic of Marshall Islands and Fiji Islands. Apart from allopathic medicine he also practices Acupuncture. He has a wide range of interests which include painting, rangoli art, acting, swimming, and fitness.


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