Wellness Market Research | Review #5


Reviews on Wellness Research
By Stephanie Brown

Based on an article in www.verywellhealth.com published on April 21, 2022.

Review Summary by Lolana B. Reddy
Market Research Analyst, Adaptive Instruction

I am Khushi Modani, a student pursuing BBA in PES University, Bengaluru. I have a keen interest in Human Resource Management and Marketing. In my free time, you can catch me reading a book, or binging on my favorite web-series. I am also passionate about theatre and writing, and was the editor for my school magazine. Currently, I am working for Adaptive Instruction as a Market Research Intern.

This is a summary of the research article ‘Salt substitutes may lower stroke risk and reduce healthcare expenses’ by Stephanie Brown, Nutrition educator based in New York. The article explains that using salt substitute may lower heart risk as well as can prove to be cost-effective.

Link to the original publication:
Salt Substitutes May Lower Stroke Risk and Reduce Healthcare Expenses