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6 Key Principles for Optimum Wellness
By Dominique Gummelt, Ph.D

Based on her article on acefitness.org published on January 23, 2019. Dr. Dominique is a director of university wellness, an international speaker, certified personal trainer (ACE), wellness practitioner (NWI), lecturer, author, filmmaker, hobby photographer and musician.

Review Summary by Nina Batra
Garment Professional, Entrepreneur
Market Research, Adaptive Instruction

This is a summary of an article by Dr Dominique titled 6 Key Principles for Optimum Wellness, who with all her expertise of working with people from various walks of life shares her study in 6 key points of leading a balanced life, for body and mental well-being. She explains that making conscious choices, by making a changes in our ways of daily life, without focusing on plans and outcomes, is the ideal way to achieve long term results.

A healthy routine, as a way of life in contrast to a strict fitness regime, will work to achieve well deserved goals. The sustainable way of a long-term fit lifestyle, is to work on the process, and not focus on the outcome. A change in mindset has helped many, maintain overall wellbeing. Focus on healthier choices with patience which in turn will have long term impact. Her six principles are as below:

  1. Move more, sit less
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Rest regularly
  4. Eat Minimally Processed Food
  5. Connect Regularly and Meaningfully
  6. Cope with Stress

To understand the principles in better detail, please check her article in the link given below.

Link to the original publication: 6 Key Principles for Optimum Wellness