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Why Group Exercise May be Better For You Than Solo Workout?
By L. Allison Phillips and Jacob Meyer

Based on an article in theconversation.com published on December 29, 2020.

Review Summary by Varsha Roy
Market Research Analyst, Adaptive Instruction

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This is a summary of the article ‘Why group exercise may be better for you than solo workout’ by L Allison Phillips and Jacob Meyer from the IOWA State University. The article provides research-based reasons why group exercises are beneficial than solo workouts.

Exercise has numerous positive benefits for our health and well-being. It helps in lowered blood pressure, improved glycemic control and better sleep. Exercising in groups may be particularly beneficial and the article lists several reasons that make group exercising more beneficial over working out alone. The reasons are explained below:

  1. People in group can influence you to exercise: As other people exercise, it influences your thoughts and perceptions about exercise. If you find other people exercising, you are likely to do it yourself.
  2. Exercising with friends motivates you to exercise: Exercising with friends boosts your own motivation to exercise. As working out with other makes exercising enjoyable, you are motivated to do it as well as stick to it. It improves your connectedness with people and their support helps in satisfying our psychological needs.
  3. Exercising with friends helps to turn exercise into a habit: Habits are automatic behaviours for which we do not require to put conscious efforts. It needs cue and reward to trigger and friends can help here. A friend can make us involved in exercising activity when they meet up with us whereas the intrinsic motivation that friends provide can act as a reward for exercising regularly.
  4. Exercising with friends help you to stick together and exercise: Group exercise makes you more consistent and resilient with exercise. Exercising in groups make you attend more sessions and less likely to quit exercising. Exercising with participants you can identify with makes you likely to stick together and continue exercising.

Link to the original publication:
Why Group Exercise May be Better For You Than Solo Workout?