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Bird Woman

Bird Woman, Sacajawea, a magical realism, multi-episode series, is set in the untouched West. She discovers her supernatural shapeshifting powers as; part Woman and part Eagle. Sacajawea fights alongside the Lewis & Clark Expedition making heart-wrenching choices between the Native & Clark’s world.

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Bird Woman

Adaptive Instruction Review & Recommendation

Adventure for the majority of our population could mean scaling mountain peaks, a trip down the Grand Canyon, scuba diving, bungee jumping, sky-diving, skiing on the Alps, whitewater rafting etc. which last from a few minutes to some days. Imagine if an adventure was on for 2 years over a distance of 8000 km (5000 miles) with no modern equipment to navigate, no luxury hotels and no means to travel except by foot, horses or canoes! To top it all, being on this journey on a terrain that is completely unknown, in the wild, across rocky mountains, deep falls, inclement weather, among warring tribes, unknown native American languages and strange cultures. This is the epic Lewis and Clark expedition 1804 – 1806, undertaken after USA enlarged its territory west of the Mississippi river in 1803 by the purchase of Louisiana and the Port of New Orleans from France for USD 15 million by the then government of USA, under President Thomas Jefferson. This purchase works to around 4 cents per acre of land. The bold expedition was called out by Thomas Jefferson because this huge territory (which doubled the size of USA) was completely unknown and unchartered by the Expeditioners.

To equate the expedition to an adventure however, would be a gross understatement. It is a story way beyond having the courage for thrills. It is a unique story of survival, exploration, conflict, culture, communication, negotiation, transaction, diseases, uncertainty, compassion, knowledge, quick thinking, wit, wisdom, loss, fear, delicate planning, care, diplomacy and human values. The expedition, called the Corps of Discovery, by Lewis and Clark and his team, was singularly guided by a 17 year old native American named Sacajawea who was carrying at that time. Her expertise in the local languages, deep knowledge of the terrain, native cultural values, physical power, grit and intellect made the two year expedition a hallmark of success. Sacajawea is celebrated as an iconic legend in America, symbolic of women’s capabilities and independence. There are several statues of her across the USA to represent the same in her memory.

We understand values best through personal experience but we could also do so vicariously living through other’s experiences through imaginative stories and myth. The mind-blowing power of Sacajawea as an extraordinary woman and as the leading light of this perilous expedition demands attention and appreciation for deeper insights into skill, knowledge, culture and human values. Bird Woman is an audio-drama series, scripted and produced by Lynn Rogoff, the award winning writer of the ‘No Maps on My Taps’ fame. Lynn conveys Sacajawea’s powers through her supernatural, magical shape-shifting abilities that helps her transform into a bird, performing amazing feats for the good of all.

Sacajawea’s magical-realism story is planned to be released as a podcast in nine episodes. It brings the historical expedition to life and helps us cherish this absorbing epic story of adventure, exploration, native American culture, tradition, courage, human values and the power of a woman whose life is nothing short of being magical in memory and inspiration. The preview for some of the episodes are available to view in YouTube. Lynn is known for her Amerikids series on ABC- TV and the Pony Express Rider Game for McGraw- Hill Home Interactive to award winning, critical acclaim. PE Rider launched the new division of McGraw-Hill Education with her $1.5 million blue screen game.

With Lynn’s expertise in writing and drama over various media and her inspiration to bring history, culture and social causes, the Bird Woman series gives hope for a unique experience of thrills, cultural history and insightful lessons.

About Lynn Rogoff

Lynn Rogoff has been in the forefront of the confluence of media with groundbreaking film, television, multimedia content, games and theatre. Her work has been influential in introducing American history, social causes and culture in a number of mediums. Rogoff works as a media writer, director, producer and professor. She has her MFA in Theatre Directing, from New York University Tisch School of the Arts.

Lynn Rogoff is the founder of her company, Amerikids USA. Presently, Rogoff won a Writers Guild of America Nomination for Outstanding Writing for No Maps on My Taps. This televised film was produced on grants from the AFI, PBS, the CPB, the Ford Foundation and the NEA and was the first to capture the black tap dancer contribution to American history. No Maps on My Taps received two Emmy Awards and First Prize’s at American Film Festival for Best Feature Length Performing Arts Film. In addition, Rogoff directed the filmed concert performance at Small’s Paradise. Her work, No Maps on My Taps was aired in the United States and internationally most recently on Turner Classic Movies and was re-released theatrically in 2017. Rogoff’s television work is as diverse: Sesame Street, Big Blue Marble, and Watch Your Mouth.

Reviewer: L.N. Venkataraman


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